Zcash Calculator

If you like to know what you can earn every day week or month!  Zcash BTC logo

All you need to do is change the nummers in the Yellow field, into the amount you can afore. 

Zcash-BTC is really powerful if you like to earn online. There are many programs online but this one is earning external with mining the Zcash. So your money is used for mining equipment that will mine the Zcash crypto currency. You will get 1 year long 2.86% per day and than your investment is gone. The profit you have withdraw & have compound will amaze you !

If you have members or friends you like to show Zcash-btc,  you will even earn more. You get for this affiliate commissions every time, your member compound the new investment.

Level 1) 7%, Level 2) 2%, Level 3>5) 1%.

  • The key to earn online is about calculation, use this calculator.
  • And remember : Less is more !
  • Don’t go for the maximum a day!
  • Withdraw every day when you have 2X your start amount.
  • Never ever invest more of your own wallet after 1 month!