Zarfund com easy earning earn Free Bitcoin


How zarfund works. logo banner

  1. You need to have a Bitcoin Wallet, if you don,t have one click this link and you can earn $10 when you buy for $100 in bitcoin’s! 
  2. You use the link to of your friend!
  3. When you are in the back office, on top you click ( Upgrade to the next level )
  4. There you scan the QR code with your CoinBase App, read if the code and the amount are correct end click on OK!
  5. Now you mail are app 2 friends your affiliate link and send them 0.03 bitcoin.
  6. Thy can activate there account and you receive back your money. Learn them to do the same!
  7. If this line is doing this every month all will earn every month 100 + Bitcoin’s. 

This initiates a chain such that with enough collection of funds from your level 1 downline you get to upgrade to level 2 in the same manner you joined. This process keeps expanding and helps you gain enough money in a convenient way.

ZarFund Presentation 


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