What is MeoCom before Meoclick + updates


MeoCom Update 27 Jun 2016  

We finally get the message of the Directorate, but are not confident whether it was you sent to All.

Subsequently, the usual interminable text in French, the you can let you translate with Google, and we will comment only summarize here in English :
The Portuguese tax authority has intervened in November, as it was believed that Meocom ignore the tax rules and the tax obligation would not comply.

Then, the current accounts were blocked and there are still, so that the company can not make any withdrawals.

Since then, the whole team had done everything to meet the fiscal requirements justice and has presented the end of May all requested documents to the tax authorities. Despite interim “friendly” reminders, the Authority has not yet responded, and a date is not in sight.
The coupons are in mid-August is replaced by another system. The “why” and “how” remains without explanation.

If anyone of you has not the additional € 15 paid for MasterCard, it can do so until 08.15.2016 and then one of the privileged who will get the first card. The rest is the usual yada yada.

!! And here the MOST IMPORTANT: !!
Our French colleagues have switched locally specialists that there check the veracity of these statements, and have been able to identify any misrepresentation. That in itself is already very positive.

Many will be dissatisfied and again that we do not act to defend our rights. If we could do something useful, we would certainly be envisaged. But as the situation with the Portuguese authorities presents itself, we see promising agents that could bring us closer to a solution. It’s just hip patience, even if it’s difficult.

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Update 25 Feb 2016.

  1. MeoCom is the new name of the company.
  2. All members have to update there old account of meoclick within the next 30 days
  3. At this moment there is only the France contract ready. 
  4. Download the 2 documents : English  Document 1 EN ; Document 2 EN 
    1. Download Franse Document 1 FR  : Document 2 FR 
    2. The document looks like this, the orange tekst is the translation 🙂 .  Feuille officielle d’information « meocom » Official information sheet <meocom>
      Nom: Your Surname,
      Prénom : Your First name
      Datedenaissance: Your date of birth 
      Address e-mail (meocom) : The email adres you signed up with Meoclick
      Rue&numéro*: Street and number
      Code postal & Lieu* : Postal code & Town
      Pays* : Country
      * l’adresse mention doit correspond à voter adresse fiscale.  (* The mentioned address must match your tax address )

      Sign the 7 documents, all on top!

  5. And the last 2 of every PDF document at the bottom! 
  6. Send the documents by email to: account@meocom.com
  7. Or you can login to your account and click on the text : Upload des CGU et Feuille officielle 
  8. When you have send all documents, and the approval it there you will get all you credit to the New website MeoCom, there you can start buy new coupons with your earnings.
  9. The card will that also become averrable for you.
  10. Compensation plan: in the contract you can see that the payments are the same as in Meoclick!

Meoclick documents PDF how to This is the new logo of meocom. meoCom meocom new backoofice english 2 Updates Meoclick 25 Jan 2016

  • My advise is to bay the GOLD Pack, pay only for it when the new platform is onmoney truckline!
  • Or if you are willing to go now and take the risk that the €200 will be gon if Meoclick never startes with the new platform. This is up to you.
  • I have start with the €200 including 4 coupons and I have now 900 Coupons running by compounding every week. I think thy will start! Than all will earn very good money, €3.125 per coupon every week.
  • That is my risk I was willing to take, at the beginning.
  • Remember there is no program or job that can garantie you 100% winning or earning money.
  • If you see it like this, start with more than one program, split the risk over them. Some will earn you big money some of them never will, but the one’s that are working will cover all more than you can dream of.

Information of the direction.   To all our loyal members, I realize that lately the word “communication” has really been the key word in our society, which for me is quite regrettable. For reminder at the founding of our beautiful family it was then my priority. Unfortunately since the strong growth and the innumerable contingencies to manage daily have facilitated it. So today, I am personally committed to this communication is restored and without delay to the menu I plan to implement without delay a formal forum to properly and efficiently answer questions that regularly clutters our support. Ensured a least one webinar every 30 days. New formation of our support team so that they be able to respond effectively and quickly to your different requests. In the long term I also undertake to open a phone line for support in several languages. I am setting up an email address in the coming days, the address will be published on Facebook and transmitted via email, on which I would reply personally. However given my schedule unfortunately I could meet all the world. However, I agree to process and respond to hundreds of emails a week. I said that I would choose to email treated according to the demands, I do not treat them emails that can be simply treated by our team or to have the answer would be mentioned on our Facebook page, or internet forums! Our official Facebook page for more support for some time, regularly contain much more information and news. I will also make the study that it can be randomly managed by the founding members (leaders), this mandates for a period of 30-60 days. A registration in advance of our members will certainly be necessary in order to be in turn elected for the management and running of it. I also remind all inappropriate comments or inappropriate on this page is deleted, if the member persists it is simply banned. I had previously promised a draw so that our best leaders and founding members can win a trip to Portugal at the company headquarters all expenses paid. This draw will take place during the month of March this year. The winners will be directly and contact information appear on our official Facebook page. Will the launch of backoffice will take place during the next February as planned? Yes indeed. However we must expect a gradual transition to the new version, and certainly several access faults by time at our page. Our team applies for the time that this transition takes place without a hitch and in the best possible conditions. Comprehensive information about it will be sent by the end of this month. Recent months have been long thinking for me and my team on the path to be taken to ensure quality service, safe and above that is prosperous for many years. After many meetings and many market studies, they find that today our society is sailing towards the same horizons more than at launch. I therefore took the decision made substantial changes within the structure of our society! These changes obviously begin with the word “Click”, which today corresponds to the image we wish to promote worldwide. The word “Click” in “Meoclick” appeared as a reminder, since the members were expected during initial draft “click” on banners. Then finally abandoned in favor of a more reliable and cost-effective project. I inform you so you can expect the coming days to expect the publication by our team of the “name” and “image” that will promote our family for many years! The “MasterCard” cards or are they? Although the past few months I and my team are setting up this new structure. Currently the administrative structure of the latter is almost completed. The company that will process the files completely and sending it is called “Ambition Planet Lda”, it will be in partnership with several banks whose head offices of the latter are in Portugal, France and the continent African. MasterCard cards will start being sent to our members once the last and signed formal agreements with our partner banks. I keep in reserve if such agreements were to increase, to quickly consider a temporary solution such as “PerfectMoney” and reloadable cards, or Payoneer … so that our members can withdrawals made quickly. “A website will be up soon for the representation and distribution of this card” The new general conditions or are they? It has not yet been forwarded to our members because a new legal and fiscal study was done recently. The result of the collaboration between our legal department and our accounting department, established new rule to which we must submit in order to be legally and fiscally transparent. The new rules requires the cooperation of all our members loyal, to this our technical team is setting up an internet page, or our members will be able to download a PDF file containing an explanatory sheet that all our members are aware that they must comply with the tax system in force in their country of residence and s ‘y submit and new general conditions. You will then print this document, dated and signed it in accordance with the mentioned indications then finally digitized and send it back. (It will be possible to return it to us via the internet page set up via email to an address that will be set up for the occasion or simply by mail to the postal address will be mentioned). “I am well aware of the inconvenience this may cause, as some have printer, on the other do not have at their disposal a scanner. But believe me, this is unfortunately required to keep all the prosperity and sustainability of our common project. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this direction with our team “ “Our legal department also informs me that the few applications received repayments and any new applications that can be emitted by our members, can only be addressed after the establishment of the document containing the new General Terms and ceux- we will return duly completed and signed. After that your requests will obviously dealt with the speed and seriousness required. “ I also needed to our accounting department, that it transmits to all members without exception via email or via postal mail express request, a receipt for all payments and since the beginning of registration. These invoices (receipts) will begin to be distributed as soon as possible. This concerns both individuals and corporations. The “reservations” packs for a payment via credit card? Following several complaints and our support as they exist at the present time more than 5,000 packs of reservations just for France and French speaking countries annexed. With no quick way to fill this gap, and at the request of a majority member. It will be made available to members of the French and Francophone countries annexed 2,000 additional packs, however the only possibility remaining payment “bank transfer” or “PerfectMoney.” These will be available from 24 January to 31 January 2016! All members who have made a reservation through “reservation@meoclick.com” will also receive an email about it. After January 31, 2016, every pack of reservation requests not acquired in this period will automatically become null and void. Being on the run-up to the launch and saw the changes ahead, I offer five additional coupons to purchase a pack of coupons 50, 80 or 100 and this until January 31, 2016! This is to permanently close the end of sales coupons packs. The new version will no longer permit that acquissions coupons to the unit. So do not wait … Or are not received commissions? A readjustment is currently underway by our accounting, a full and detailed explanation will be mentioned on the new general conditions that will reach you soon as I mentioned earlier. It will make this adjustment on the positive side, this adjustment has been made to ensure stability and prosperity and good health of our common interest. So thank you to take good consideration I am here to defend our point of common interest, because the future is all of us together! To this day I also informed our members that many faithful travel and after dozens of meetings allowed me to acquire agreements with several international companies, so that we can soon distributed their products through our online store and this at defying prices any competition. This list will continue to grow gradually as the evolution of our society, in order to best fulfilled all our members. I also wish to inform that several studies in our society have created a new draft annex to meoclick that will be just as profitable, however, that our members and certainly many governments plébisciteront. More information about this will be available soon on our web page. Moreover happened or our web page layout? I recall it will be attached to our online store, so it is unfortunately impossible to upload separately. However the web page presentation of the card company will soon be online as well as a page or appear the draft project that I just mentioned above. I also specifies that the progressive launch in other countries closed to date like this, and soon this new online version and stable, our team will start the launch of the countries that could not properly participate in the launch of our big family. It is clear that they will have all the benefits that you yourself have had. Because they are bound to the new regulations. But just as you are entitled to certain privilege that will certainly be studied as desired. Here nearly a year elapsed between the first idea meoclick and today, many of you will cry foul or establish that there has been much talk in the air. I would say it was for me and our team an obstacle course. Meoclick the company is far from simple, and far from being a simple shoe store that for some it takes more than six months to open. I recall that our society is much more complex than that, it affects several sectors, present over a large part of the planet. So we must be in compliance with all laws, individually and in each case of each country. Both legally and fiscally. Then came several are barriers that made us think long and hard and sometimes radically changed our views and our direction. Each of these changes, an inevitable delay ensued, but every time I consciously weighed the pros and cons and before each of these decisions. All these decisions were taken in soul consciousness is to ensure good health and prosperity that we all have at present in common which is none other than “meoclick”. And that this prosperous family and grow for many and many years to come. “In a few years my best thanks be to hear our members cited words such as; I am part of this beautiful family and I feel good! ” In short, I’m going to point that these lead times are met, a communication to be fully restored between us and our members. To the greatest possible transparency towards our members and our family! That ongoing and future projects be prepared and carried out with the utmost vigor and professionalism possible. And you do not be disappointed one day being part of our family. Please excuse me for my French writing, but to ensure that none of these sentences is to change or delete. This text will be sent in the original version, and without correction. Thank and all members of this great family for taking the time to read, and hope these words can best respond to your questions. Many of these issues will be addressed at my request at the next webinar, and will obviously be even more detailed. I also thank the leaders who daily have remained true to our family, and even in the difficult moments of the beginning remained with us, especially Mr. Bernard Gabet, etc … Would also like to thank the pioneers of our days are a little this month, but have greatly contributed to the growth of our family, as Mr. Fabrice Francis, or Miss. Lochet Elodie, etc … Simply thank all our loyal members who were able to support us from the beginning and at the current time, and hope we will be worthy of a thank-paid at fair value to all these. To this I wish you all a great week full of joy and happiness. And especially full of wishes and future success to our family! Ricardo Carvalho Director New updates Meoclick 21 Oct 2015. This is how the new website will look, first release head office.  new meo click 2.0 beta backoffice   The New backoffis layout.  meoclick new backoffice 2.0 beta   The mascot of meoclick. meoclick new mascote   There are many questions about Meoclick. Sunday 11 December to 17:00 H Press Release from the direction Important Information: With a view to a constant improvement of our system. We will proceed to changes on our servers in order to carried out soon an upgrade, this in order to ensure a quick service, reliable and secure to our members. We inform you that our offices are also in work, in order to expand the capacity of these and the ergonomics of work and functionality of the same. So our the new version of the web site will be published as soon as possible to the technical levels. This next week our direction will communicate the dates of the upcoming webinars, then a release with images of the state of the advanced bo2 will also be published. Images of the offices in the process of expansion will also be published, then that of the final render of this expansion. An email will succeed in all our members also containing a full update of our tos (general conditions of use). A fixed date for the submission of the mastercard cards will also be mentioned. Updated information will also be detailed on this same email, this one containing certain important figure, as well as projects to which meoclick participates. In the meantime all our team work release in order to provide a finished product of quality, effective and totally secure to our loyal members. All our team thank wholeheartedly, the members who have long weeks support us by messages of support and help. And Believe-well carry out his possible in order to a prosperous return to all these members. We wish you lots of happiness and success in our big family. The team meoclick To all our loyal members, 1 Dec 2015 I would first like to thank our loyal members that despite the various concerns of youth met in recent months, we remain completely faithful and support us. Recent months have been all rest for you, between feelings of uncertainty, doubts. Our management understands all that. So I come today in this email summary of some important points and provide you with important information regarding our common interest that is “meoclick”. The first important point is the current card withdrawals “mastercard” or named “meocard”. At the recent webinar I mentioned that it was going to be created an independent company that will distribute our own ATM card. However following this announcement many of our members have challenged it, which made me recently conducted a new analysis. Following this, I inform you that the decision remains firm and timely. It is clear that in order to justify this one I mention here are some important points to bear in mind. The creation of this company will be established rapidly, since a partnership with a banking entity is ongoing. What we considerably facilitate the creative process. Having our own society is advantageous on several points, the most important being to offer reduced charges up to our members and to offer a fully comprehensive and secure service to our members, without relying on control Total delivery of the cards to our members. This company will be completely independent and separate from meoclick. A new team and also going to be established solely for this purpose. The company will be operational by January 31 of the year that begins shortly. Contracts and ongoing discussions with other partners such as Neteller, etc remain until the finalization of the contract with the bank that will sponsor us on this project. The second important point raised by our members and following a public vote initiated by our loyal member “Bernard Gabet,” is the fact of establishing a possible transient withdrawal by bank transfer. Following this request, I personally requested several meeting to establish the possibility of establishing a transitional system by bank withdrawal transaction with taking partial or full charge transaction costs by our members. This is a good initiative and idea, I regret to inform you that it will not be possible to respond positively. To make this initiative possible, we would have needed now more human resources to technical levels as an accountant. Then a considerable and significant time so that the thousands of applications that reach us will be treated manually. The only solution is to have a secure system linked directly to the server of our banking institutions, which the current time is impossible. No bank would accept no further. Besides other technical difficulties which would certainly appeared during the implementation. So I regret to this initiative are archived respond favorably. However I continue to study transitional solutions that could be implemented quickly. The third important point that several members often perform the request, “When the new version of backoffice, more commonly called BO2”. Following the recent meeting with our technical team, it was established that currently this version is ready in about 65% full, or more precisely the new intentional and informative site that will directly integrate directly into the new online shop and the BO2 release. To recall the version on which our team is working to been completely revised since its root in the most accurate source of information, this following the appearance of several major security flaws in the first test version Bo2 Beta2. That reminder was finalized more than 80% and that included the incorporation of the institutional site. This has lost several weeks of development to our technical team. This meeting made me make important decisions concerning the development of this project, and I opened two additional posts developers so that they come to support the team and there can significantly increase the production of tools development. So I took the decision to provide a definitive date for the launch of the new version Bo2. Which will be publicly launched later than February 1, 2016. I think many of you will be happy with that date. However I now prefer on concrete facts and on the basis of the current situation and above all to not take the risk of announced dates that would not come to be respected. To recall and based on this announcement, I want reiterated that the primary purpose of a founding member and participated in a new project and not an existing project. Who should be aware of the vagaries of youth and development path. Then enjoyed better benefits and conditions that they are not. Thus it is my responsibility to make the best decisions to maintain prosperity and ensured a bright future for our common project. Fourth important point “standardization and optimization of modes of communication with our members” As some of you may have noticed on Facebook communications were reduced. And from that day will be permanently abandoned. Our official Facebook page only serve as a support to share with members of informal images, and overviews of our products. It will no longer be used in case of support. Furthermore the administration of the latter will manage our design department and not by a moderator. These will process any application through it. All comments posted on it will be automatically deleted. And members who are stubbornly posted to requests will simply be banned from it. I took this decision in order to soon offer a new communication tool to our members in the form of an official forum in which you can directly post your questions there or find an answer. Meanwhile, thank you to only use the official emails to process your requests. I continue to work in these services is increasingly efficient and quick to provide you accurate answers to your inquiries and as soon as possible. Reminder emails are to use Administration: admin@meoclick.com Accounting: compta@meoclick.com Billing: order@meoclick.com Validation: validate@meoclick.com Change in Affiliation: line@meoclick.com Card “MasterCard” mastercard@meoclick.com Payment Module: bugpay@meoclick.com Legal Department: legal.office@meoclick.com Blocking and verification: checkfraud@meoclick.com Technical problem: help@meoclick.com I note that applications must be received on good email addresses, otherwise they are not treated simply ignored, and one that is systematically transmitted to several of our email addresses simultaneously. Fifth point I want to come back is the way the money is recouped in meoclick. Many of you are intrigued and often wonder how is it possible such high remuneration in relation to the bank or other traditional society. As mentioned several times during telephone conversation, by email or on some forum. I want to say it again here. Our company through the partnership provided capital to companies which constantly launch new products on local and international markets. These funds are applied in the advertising budgets of the same. This allows a considerable return, as they are applied strategically and carefully studied in order to decrease the maximum risk of loss. The names of these partners was now the spearhead of our common project, you will understand that they can not and does not wish to be mentioned here. I also want to remind that clicks on the banners were finally abandoned after consideration by myself and by my accounting department, the profitability of these would have exceeded 2% of annual net income, which would cover only fees and expenses that this tool would generate. Detailed graphs and explanatory text will be present in the new version of our website, so that all can understand worlds best our society. Sixth and last important point of this day are the “general conditions” and update on the operation of our common project system. Currently our work team and jointly drafted with all departments to establish new terms and conditions, which contain some modifications. The latter are prepared jointly by myself, our legal department and checked by our accounting department. They will be well calculated to bring meoclick is some major changes. It will be sent by email in the coming days. So I come back to you on time to explained and justified modifications to it. To finalized this email I will come back to an important point, several people through social networks and other internet media spread false information about us to harm our society for the benefit of another company or to concurrent with other personal purpose. Our team “fraud” has already identified several individuals who are either members of some group called against us and trying to defraud the passage of funds to members. I also remind all those who often cite a lack of transparency, in comparison to some company presents on the net. I did a tour of curiosity or their local and nowhere to be seen and even less one day no one has contacted their manager. This leaves me very puzzled when some members criticized a lack of transparency we deal with these companies. In thanking our loyal members for taking the time to read, and hoping that these lines can clearly answer some of your questions. I said that gold and before I allow myself to transmit more fluently and directly to our loyal members, this just for the sake of stayed closer to our members and in the greatest possible transparency. With that, Dear Members, I wish you a great week and thank you for all the interest you are wearing and we thank you for the name of our entire team of patience and understanding you place in us. Ricardo Carvalho

The result of several issues such as merit payments, here’s a little insight:

Some members have very legitimate question regarding the sources of income with which Meoclick at such a rate can pay members. Everyone will be able to understand that some of these sources, and especially some of the projects are not published in order not to disclose to the market business internals before the fierce competition.

The majority of the generated by the contributions of members Meoclick capital is of course already invested in projects with various partners and “working” there already.

Without being aware of, you will certainly need a “product” of Meoclick the Internet, on TV, seen on a billboard or another medium.

On the future Meoclick website Meoclick will announce a lot of information, but you must understand that competing brands of professional ethics and the basis of contracts concluded can not be published.

The special feature of contracts between Méoclick and these partners, which is to have as a “clause” added “, the participation in the results of the advertising campaign”; gone an estimate of the outcome, in addition to the sums Méoclick suitable for the advertising campaign budget, the percentage of sales on the improvement of the partner.

Other sources of income are being planned, such as Vincent Lies announced last webinar. These elements are not new. Below you will find an answer to a Frag on Ricardo Carvalho. (some say it is full of errors, I would write and speak Portuguese, Ricardo is fluent in French)

Communication from Mr. Carvalho:

There will be views on the pillars of Meoclick to start.

I would first reassure all and I think it is clear that it will not be the 40 clicks, the members need to perform soon that such profits are generated redistribute as much commissions.

The basis of this project, the clicks will be also to make not always. But we will let first run so and they will generate approximately 2 to 3% of our revenue.

However, our base is a very different and I will simulate it by a small example with purely informal figures.

You have to imagine that a customer or client of our partners have developed a good quality product that is on the market both nationally as well as internationally accepted. With a budget of 50,000 euros for the campaign is then placed on the Internet and beyond. We sign a contract on the percentage, we take for example 10%. Now, the campaign generated some sales of up to 200,000 euros for our company.

Now suppose the same partners with the same product and now take the advertising budget of 50,000 Euro from participation of coupons, which we now have a total of 100,000 euros for this campaign. Due to the success, there are then new negotiations with the partners and in the forecast, we can succeed, a contract for 15% instead of 10% complete. Would his campaign now bring 400,000 euros net profit, so our company would gain from this agreement 60,000 euros.

With strong partners that can deploy applications in large quantities, I can possibly manage several millions and distributed to these campaigns. Thus, I and my team pay these profitable profit distributions.

Finally, the future of Meoclick will not depend on the coupons and their development, but behind it much more comprehensive products, which will become apparent only in our results.

It is clear that I do not want Mr. Madoff be, I prefer my comfortable home there before “wink” -Emoticon

I hope to have given to the questions most frequently asked a maximum response, so that you now also clear that there are parts of our strategy that I can provide and publish, not quite like the name of our partner.

Please accept my respectful information.

Mr. Carvalho


After a review of our accounting department, it turns out that the refunds for those who have opened their account suggest, have been carried out correctly.

As you know, goes to part of founder packages or coupons as Ref bonuses to the upline. So we can not refund the full amount of the payment back.

The refund will be has been stated as to the Conditions made as follows:

Purchase amount minus 40 euro fee and minus the Ref-Bonis have flowed over it. A detailed list you will receive automatically your Refund claims.

For purchases with Paypal or Redpayline the repayment requirement should be addressed directly to these enterprises.

We hope that you understand that we had to adapt accordingly our Conditions.

This information will also be included in the next newsletter of our management this week. Then the conditions will be updated in accordance with § 1.3.

The whole team wishes to thank all members of Meoclick for their patience and interest to our community, wishes you a successful future on our side.

The support team

The accounting

The Legal Department

To register click here: To register CLICK HERE or the banner below and enter:

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  • Email (courriel)
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  • Address (adresse)
  • City (ville)
  • Postal code (CODE POSTAL)
  • Country (pays)
  • Province (departement)
  • Password (mot de passe)
  • Conformation password (CONFIRMATION DU MDP )
  • I have read and approved the heading Privacy Policy (J’ai lu et approuvé la rubrique Politique de confidentialité )

  Once done, you can enter the site and a confirmation email will arrive to your address. You have now the obligation of immediate purchase coupons. Use Google translator in your web browser 

There are 465 external companies in 11 countries up til now in Meoclick.

Meoclick custumers in 11 countrys Meoclick new backoffice meoclick info

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MANAGER: Name: Ricardo Manuel dos Santos Carvalho NIF / VAT number: 257 261 583