We have talked to the owner of BiTrading888 for 2 days in London

We have bin to London for 3 days and had 2 meetings with the owner and CEO mr. Mason Gomes of Bitrading 888. He is from New York and born in Brazil, Christian and uncle 41 years old. Corporate Lawyer.

And many of the office staff, the meeting where very open and friendly. We had all free the trip food end also the Hotel was payed by the company. Also a private taxi transfer direct of the airport was fanatiek. Thank you all for this great experience! We had all the time to talk and there where no hidden points. All we like to know was direct open and transparant explained to me and my business partner David.

Thy are trading Forex 5 days a week and Cryptos, al by AI robot (artificial intelligence).

50% of the fee is used for the cryptos and forex, the rest is used for the programmes and office space and salaries and the affiliate commissions!