Wai is the Bitcoin dropping so fast?

1/12/17, 1:04:30 AM:

The fall comes after China announced,

It had begun investigating bitcoin Exchanges in Beijing and Shanghai on suspicion of market manipulation, Money Laundering, unauthorized financing, and other issues!
People’s Bank of China warned investors to exercise caution when investing in virtual currencies.

So there are 1.4 Bil Chinese, this kind will affect the Bitcoin price for some days.

But as always it will recover fast.

! Remember !

  1. Bitcoin is stronger than any government,
  2. It is the Money of the People.  
  3. The people who use the Bitcoin Globally with another are the ones who Agree WHAT the Value IS !
  4. But as long People are afraid, for the rulers the market will react. And the price will go Up or Down.
  5. In the End Bitcoin will be the winner !
  6. As soon we have the conciseness, That the crypto currencies are The World People’s Money.
  7. All will be stable!  
  8. It is Good to have some Bitcoin and some ( Gold 999,9% ) and Silver.