Tax on your online earnings.

Here are the minutes of a videoconference held on taxation / Taxes:
The following statements are from a tax inspector and a bank manager both members Profits25.

Prepaid MasterCard card withdrawal proposed by Profits25 comes from a company called Prepaid Financial Services.
The prepaid card Financial Service is English, so when we spend money in France we are considered tourists. Prepaid no link between the Financial Service Bank, France and the French tax authorities.
Traceability zero if you use the gains Profits25 living (shopping, petrol, holiday, hairdresser, restaurant, etc.).

For those wishing to transfer the sub Profits25 on their bank account, you simply transfer money from Prepaid Financial Services card to your bank account, review the schedules below:
– 0% tax if you transfer up to 6011 euros per year, to declare zero, no tax payable, any evidence to give.
– 0% tax if you transfer up to 15,000 euros per year to declare zero, no tax to pay, the bank may ask where the money comes from taxes but not (the money can come from Product sales staff, antiques, telephone, dud, etc).

Good to know: we can have as many bank accounts as you want, there are banks in !
Example: If you have 10 banks, and you deposited 10,000 euros a month on 10 counts => zero tax! it’s good or it’s good !!!!

Avoid showing signs of wealth (buy a Porsche, a house etc …) if you do not have a big tax return. Be discreet to avoid controls.

For people wishing to buy home or luxury car, but you can make a little credit! While there is a trace of a credit status does not try.

Everyone is free to make its decision.

If you earn 6000 euros per week (24,000 euros per month), and if you transfer all your bank account, you’ll pay 52 – 68% income tax to be reported in (BIC). Depending on the country you live in the tax is differed !

You can also buy Gold for a part of your earnings, there is a low rate on the Gold 1.2%.

Or reinvest your earnings in a mix of products, so you have no direct earnings but you invest your earnings than it is no profit!

You can also use it in a gamble program the winnings are also in the low range of tax 1,2%.

Talk to an tax adviser in your country to see what options he has for you!


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