Steps if you are a member of Hyper vers

Welcome as a new member or as a member who already get REWARDS every day, 365!

These are some guidelines for you and your team to help you be successful all the way! Becoming in your family the next M, and have the opertunity to change your life forever!

And best of all your teams can start dreaming haveing opening the possibility to change and get out of the readrace!

Step1: Login to your back office use this link: Log in to Hyper exclusive club back office!

Step 2: Rebay or withdraw when you have 50 HU in your Rewards ballance.

To calculate the best strategy for yourself And the maximum Profits for you or your team:

In this example, you see a member that has started with a 1000 membership reciving 5HU rewards every day. = 1825HU ( HU is not a currency only internal rewards )

He or she has built a team of 3 (20%) direct members all have the same start! 3 x 1HU = 3H a day x 365 = 1095HU and has helped his teams to do the same also 3 members (15%) = 9 members every day 6.75HU x 365 = 2463.75HU, now with 3 levels (10%) = 27 = 13.5HU every day, x 365 = 4927.50HU total 1 year = 8486.25HU the showed the outcome is amazing from that point. ( all outcome is up to your effort). 

There are 20 levels in total so the results will be higher. Calculations are an example of what is possible, only if all do the optimal every day! It will give you no guarantee that it will be like the calculation it is only an exsample.

Step 2A: Rebay Every time you have 50 HU or a multie of them, you are able to rebay a new mini membership that will reward you 3X the amount in maximun 600 Days!

You need to confirm. There will be a popup that will ask you for the transaction password (PIN of your 6 numbers). Without you cannot  rebuy!

Step 2B/1: Withdrawals how to do this!:

On the bottom of the app or website you see 4 icons you click on manage, in the top you see Rewards select it. Then you need to click on Intern Transfer (text). 

Fill the amount in HU ( min 50) Now you need to confirm! Press the purple button!

All shown screens are examples, and are based on efforts every day!

NO RIGHTS are given to these examples. 

You need to confirm. There will be a popup that will ask you for the transaction password (PIN of your 6 numbers). Without you cannot make any transaction at all!

Step 2B/2: Now you need to go back to Manage. In the top you see the 2e option Exchange. Click on it! And fill in the Amount. Important! At this moment we can axchange to HDAO or MOF (The MOF we can withdraw) Also now you need the PIN!

Step 2B/3: Now you need to go back to account  👤. In the top you see the 3e option Withdraw. Click on it! And fill in the Amount of MOF that you like to send to your Exchange. To get the Address of the Exchange that is seporting the ERC20 MOF. Also now you need the PIN to send your MOF to the exchange! We are using OKEX the most volume per day for fast exchange to USDT or BTC. OKEXchange Use this link!  Install the APP link OKex  

At this moment there are more and more exchanges that suport the MOF coin, there was a Split and all is still in progres! The split was 1:1000 and the price start new but the Club wil move it up to high growds. Look for the all exchanges  NOW Coinmarketcap!

Instruction HOW To Start 4 short movies about the exclusive Hyper Club. 

Helping you to install the app and set up your account. new link

1) How to start with Hyper verse Download APP & Register, sone new link!

2) How to fund your account in Hyper new link


3) How to use the APP of Hyper sone new link 

4  Withdraw how to do it They are using another exchange! 

( All Members Should Read  )
(that’s YOU!) In the past six months, the HyperVerse Compliance Office has worked with thousands of members helping them to understand and follow the rules as published in the Service Agreement. Now, we need YOUR help. The following issues are super important.
NOTE: Regulatory agencies WILL ABSOLUTELY shut down HyperVerse if we as a Community do not follow the rules. The issues listed below are absolutely vital to understand.
1) NO INCOME CLAIMS OF ANY KIND. Taken straight from the Service Agreement, this is a big one and a legal issue. That means no testimonials that include income claims. If a leader/presenter asks you for your testimonial, you may not discuss earnings in any way, and if you do make income claims, the presenter MUST STOP YOU. This includes NO showing of the back office, Pending amounts, Withdrawals, Rewards, etc.
2) NO EXAGGERATION OF THE REWARDS PLAN. At no time do HyperVerse members earn more than three times the value of a purchased membership. (Obviously as you add “Rebuys”, you’ll have multiple memberships earning daily. But this does not alter the initial membership purchase or any additional purchases or allow a membership to earn beyond that 3x expiration).
3) NO USE OF INVESTMENT LANGUAGE. HyperVerse does not offer an investment or financial product of any kind. HyperVerse does not manage members’ crypto or manage a deposit account. There is no ROI, no monthly percentages, and most definitely no compounding. Rebuys are simply a way to purchase additional ‘mini-memberships’ using earned Rewards without having to redeem and withdraw first.
4) NO ACCEPTING FIAT CURRENCY DIRECTLY. Look at the Service Agreement and HyperVerse’s definition of money laundering. The HyperVerse Founders want educated and knowledgable members who take the time to learn and then help educate others, not a bunch of people throwing money at something.
5) NO PUBLISHING THE REFERRAL LINK. Again, stated clearly in the Service Agreement, the referral link may only be shared privately, no exceptions.
When you see something, say something! If you see a presenter or leader not following the rules as outlined above, say something directly! Call them out on a zoom or post a comment below their Youtube videos or respond to their email campaign or comment on their presentation announcement or call them out on their social media. If none of those actions get their attention, send a report to compliance with a link and screenshot. (If your team includes members from other countries, please offer to translate this incredibly important announcement so every member can read it in their own language).
This is not about “getting people in trouble”. This is about EMPOWERING THE COMMUNITY to help protect what we have with HyperVerse.
Questions? Send an email to the Compliance office. 
Updated 10th Dec 2021