SET UP Instructions BITCONNECT Coin WALLET on Your MAC

This is the way how you can Setup Your Wallet On your Mac! 

It is always better that you are in control of your Cryptos Yourself ! So that’s wai We made this helpful Instructions to help You.

You can also look on the Video below, and see How we have don it, I hope this will help you!

  1. Use This Link to Download Bitconnect Coin wallet.
  2. Unzip the wallets files.
  3. Go to the Richt corner of your Mac There You see, bitconnect-qt.dmg​ file,
  4. To Install the BitConnect Wallet Software by Clicking on your right mouse.
  5. There you Click on Open bitconnect-qt.dmg​ file, And Click on Install, in a view seconds it is on your Mac!
  6. The next step is to click on Receive coins, and label your First Wallet adres!
  7. Now the wallet will start Synchronising with the Network. You will see a bleu balk starting on the bothem of the wallet.  
  8. The Synchronising will take a longer time, depending on the speed of your Internet and and the speed of your MAC.

  1. Now You can now Send and Receive BitConnect Coin directly from BitConnect Desktop Wallet.
  2. And also you can Use this Wallet to STAKE your BitConnect Coin’s.
  3. If you STAKE your Bitconnect Coin’s You will Earn a EXTRA BONUS ever Month.
    1. Jun > Dec 2017, you earn a extra 8% per month.
      1. In order To Earn Extra Bitconnect coins, you need to hold them more than 15 days. Meaning that you need to have the first time your Bitconnect coin min 6 weeks in your Bitconnect MAC Wallet, to get the extra 8%.
      2. In The Wallet Setting you can Setup what about is free to use, Or how many you will hold In the STAKING over a longer time.
      3. This provides a more stable Network (blockchain) for all users of Bitconnect. The more Mac – PC – Miners the software is on the more secure and safe we have money in our hand of control.
    2. From Jan 2018 including Jun 2018, 7% per month.
    3. Jul > Dec 2018 5% extra for holding your BitConnect coin in your wallet.  
    4. Jan 2019 until Jun 2019 3% per month. 
    5. And last but not least, Jul > Dec 2019 a extra 1.4% every month you hold the Bitconnect in your Mac QT Wallet!

With Desktop the software of the BitConnect wallet, you are in control over the Security of your BitConnect Coins.

If you are using the BitConnect Staking , it is not required to turn on your computer 24/7 hours, to get Rewarding for your Staking !

So it is not necessary to turn on your computer system 24/7.

The (BCC) BitConnect Staking Reward cycle starts after 15 days! If you like you can open the Wallet After 15 Days.  The last received BCC coins, Will than start Paying You interest on the block You are holding on your PC or MAC.

Remember to Make an backup of your wallet file, to be Able to Restore BitConnect coin if your system crashes.

To Know How to Make a backup and how to restore Your wallet.dat file, Use the Link.