Salustra launched in Sep 2015

  • Status : Paying ! 
  • Trust Score :    10/10 .
  • Payment with  :   Bank wire.
  • Minimum Deposit :    50 pound .
  • Withdrawal Min / Max :    100 Pound  / > / every 14 and 28 of the month possible!
  • Referral % / Levels : 10 Levels .
  • External earnings : Products !  
  • Extra’s : Forced matrix ! Passive earning possible.  

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In Premier Cashback is for this time bill up of 2 separate companies who both fill the the premier cashback free points upside down matrix. That will earn you CAD 1350 time over time.   

The best way to earn easy is to start with Salustra products that will help your blood system clean himself and your health will get beter every day, for this you also will be reworded with the Cashback you build up every time you show somebody to get also healthy. Every product will give you a FREE point in the Alpha program. When the Alpha card if completed you get £100 cashback + 2 free point in the Omega points. That will pay you CAD 1350 when it is completed, over and over. 

In the Premier Cashback system you will not have the advantage of a reduction of the product that is already over priced in the normal MLM business, that are promising you to earn on selling the product. Not many can sell a product, that is what many have try to do in the past MLM systems.

  1. Premier Cashback is not a MLM company.
  2. You get FREE point that will earn you in time dubbel or 5 times the money your purchase of a product! ( Salustra Health products.) ( Chartfords collecting art ) 
  3. Passive members are also earning money over time. 
  4. As a active member you can take control over your earnings, by promoting your experience with others. The Salustra product are really amazing and sell them selfs. See the Testimonials.

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Salustra had a great Launch, now all is fantastic ! 

The first products are shipped, and delivered worldwide. Even my team in Malaysia has received the delivery earlier than we in Europe.

New Products

Salustra fortifica Salustra-licentia 

This is the result of the launch for my account, as I have forecasted, direct earnings for many. 

You need to have points as low as possible in the matrix to earn fast, or passif.

1) I have received the fantastic product + £100 payment + 2 FREE points into the Omega plan. That will earn me 2 x C$1350,- in time.

2) So with £50 for a product, I will earn £100 + 2 x C$1350,- + I am healthy 😎  😆 

Alpha point Premier Cashback overview

Products usige video:

Salustra how to use it and what it will do for you!  Salustra_heart cardiovascular

For a better cardiovascular health, boost ! 

How to use Gracilia, Weight Loss.  Gracilia wheight lost

Support healthy weight loss, as part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

How to use Purifica, healthy digestion.  Digestion-stomach

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This was the first information we had on Salustra!  Salustra Global Logo

Presentation compensation plan. 

Salustra products selling.xlsx

  • The formula repairs the overall cardiovascular system and gets it working stronger and more efficiently.
  • Regulates blood pressure, central pulse pressure, and central aortic systolic pressure.
  • Brings back the flexibility into the arteries.
  • Rectifies irregular heartbeat.
  • Energy ‐ physical and mental.
  • Recovery from training.
  • Higher blood flow to the nervous system/ repairs nervous system.
  • Better circulation.
  • Creates energy in the heart.
  • Improved muscle flexibility.
  • Re absorbs calcification back into the bone.
  • Huge volume of antioxidants.
  • Kills off free radicals and oxidative damage (preventing cancer/arthritis/serious infection).
  • Any of the ingredients in the powders when mixed with nitric oxide are utilised much more efficiently. They all have their own individual jobs but as a combination they do so much more.

Premier cashback overview Jun 2015 L-Arginine Dr. Ignarro Nobel Prize winner


 Download the products PDF of Salustra ! 

Salustra Product information by Colin Smith audio.

This audio will give you more insight of Salustra health recharge, tests on 11000 people.  


Salustra Global The Heart product

Salustra Gracilia

Salustra Purifica Complete digestive balance Salustra SP Plan + SPG Plan SG Plan