Royal Q 🤖

Advantages of Royal Q robot API connection for Binance & Huobi. Every day average 1.1% + 

With the Royal Q robot, You have Always Full CONTROL over Your Money on Binance or Huobi exchange-s! 

The system adopts a multi-strategy and a multi-technology fusion intelligence quantification mechanism.

Users only need to Install the APP for Android or IOS for the Apple iPhone! NEW Now also on your Macbook, Laptop & desktop!

 Results of the last days, in a bear market, the day is not over only 17:21 and already 19.32 USDT!

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Connect with an API to Binance or Huobi select the corresponding investment style and click a key to start!

You can realize intelligent fool-style financial management.

The system will intelligently match the corresponding quantification strategy according to the market situation, the bull market is the best automatically.

You can also trade on the bear market, you need to select yourself the Coins that have the maximum negative – %. 

Customers can easily maximize their profits by doing this!

Every Coin you can personally make your settings. 

It all depending on the amount that you set for trading. the profit is higher or lower!