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Procedure for processing depositing and withdrawal requests is changed❗️

Razzleton Withdraw time max 96 hour

Razzleton HealthCare Limited is rapidly winning new grounds in the investment market. Attentive users have already noticed some changes in the work of the platform. Thus for instance, after the increase of the minimum withdrawal request to $ 5, the RazzletOn support team received many complaints. Reacting to the needs of our users, we reduced the size of the minimum transaction to $ 1 again.

💵However, it should also be mentioned that this change will lead to the increase in the number of requests for withdrawing funds which are handled manually by the company’s operators. That’s why it’s been decided to change the time for processing depositing and withdrawal requests. From this moment on, the procedure for processing requests for depositing is increased to 48 hours and will affect only payment systems where creating a deposit involves an operator. Requests for withdrawal will be processed according to the procedure in time of up to 96 hours. This measure is temporary and at the moment we are working hard to optimize the system of payments and depositing of funds, which will lead to faster processing of requests.

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🎁 Lottery with 101 prizes – become the owner of electric car Tesla! 🚗

razzleton win a tesla mrt 2017

💵We are glad to inform you that it’s been decided to hold a great lottery of the world’s best flagships. Today each of our partners gets the opportunity to become the owner of valuable prizes or their cash equivalents, including the modern electric car Tesla!

Conditions of participation in the contest:
✅ 1. An active deposit in the amount of $ 200 at the moment of application
✅ 2. Application for participation in the lottery and getting the ticket number
✅ 3. An active deposit in the amount of $ 200 at the moment the lottery is held.

💰Happy owners of the most modern flagships will be identified by the already traditional for our contests summing of temperatures in cities: Singapore, Athens, London, Dubai, and add the temperature (°F) in Miami. And, finally, the most pleasant news: our winner will receive two prizes – a Macbook and an electric car Tesla!

📌If you are interested in this offer, we recommend that you hurry up to apply – the number of tickets for participation in the contest is limited! We give you extra chances of winning by giving away in the lottery 100 valuable prizes and a Tesla car. To find detailed conditions of the contest follow this link: http://teslaraffle.razzleton.com/

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