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Profits 25 calculator

Easy and Profitable

To make money online.

 Each advertising coupon costs €25 SIGN UP NOW !

 Your advertising coupons will be compensated, week after 

 week, until they reach €35, that is 40% ROI in 16 – 17 weeks 

Remuneration every Thursday between 23:00 and 06:00 Friday  UTC +1 for those who qualify!

Easy qualification

 Click the banners every week only 1 time that is all, to receive your profit share!

–       0   Up to 30 coupons: 10 clicks – 1 time a week.

– From 31 to 100 coupons: 20 clicks – 1 time a week.

–  More than 100 coupons: 30 clicks – 1 time a week.

You can buy up to maximum 600 coupons in 6 month.

Then you can use your gains to buy more coupons if you so wish.

Minimum start 2 advertising coupons for €50 + €3 fee = €53 when signing up.

This is the “revenue share” principle.

See for yourself in the Calculator what you can earn every week.

The sponsoring

It is not compulsory to sponsor members but it’s very profitable.

Those who sponsor members in the Module receive the following sponsoring commissions:

 – Level 1   (direct referrals) :         10% 

 – Level 2 (your referrals’ referrals)  5% 

 – Level 3                                           3% 

 – Level 4                                            2%

You also receive sponsoring commissions when your referrals buy new

advertising coupons.

This is a percentage of the value of the coupons bought by your referrals

and your down-line!

You can withdraw your money or buy new

advertising coupons at any time.

By using your gains to buy more coupons you can

implement a strategy so as to achieve

your goals in the Module. 

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summary Profits 25

Withdrawals profits 25, Sign up now !