Online earning how it all works!

There are still many who do not believe that it is possible to earn online money at all!

  1. This is all a mindset matter, in the world we are all brainwashed, we don’t have a free mind at all.
  2. The real wealthy end successful people in the world have not finished there school at all, how is this possible?
    1. Thy have a free mind, that is not programmed by the system we all life in.  
    2. The successful people have not don the work by the book, but with creative thinking, open for new possibility’s and ideas. 
    3. Tested out new things, whiteout concerning if it can work, do it and see what will happen, that is te key.
    4. Fact is: when you always do what you do today, you always will get what you have today!
      1. You need to take action to get more.
  3. What I do is start with more than one product – system, and test them out to see if the programs are delivering as promised. 
    1. Than with that information I collect, I build a calculator to see what I need to do to make it profitabel with in 4 – 6 month.
    2. The internet is a fast moving marked like all in live at this moment, so we need to go in and withdraw the investment in that time of maximum 6 month. 
    3. Than we still have money in the system that will earn us money every week – month or even years to come !
    4. That is all you need to do!
    5. If you like to earn more and faster than you need to have a team that is helping you. ( OPM)
    6. All the programs have a kind of affiliate marketing, rewording you that the system is growing faster in numbers.
  4. Where is the money cumming from? 
    1. Depending on the system !
      1. If it is delivering traffic to some websites!
      2. Extern that the money is coming from advertisement company’s who are selling  traffic to company’s who like to be in the top of Google, with out paying the full price to Google. At this time Googel earns $690 per second only of the advertising. See top 30 earning company’s online.
      3.  Or intern traffic to members of the platform, coursers members need to click 10 banners – website or more a day or 1 time a week. Traffic is delivered to the website that are promoted in the system. This is also helping the members to get there website higher in the Google ranking. And still earn money on there own money, there is a win win situation for both.
    2. The rest of the money is earned by the new money of new members. So new affiliates are also important to have a stable system. 
    3. Be cours we all reinvest the money inside the system we get intrest on intrest, it is called compounding.
      1. That we earn every week more that the last week.  And we will be able to withdraw a part of the money we have invested.
      2. We have no risk any more. The profit we have is earning for us.
    4. Money generated by selling advertisements on the platform.
      1. Wen there are 50.000+ members in a system the website can start selling advertisement to company’s who like to have longer traffic and sells of there product. This is don by a popup when you log in to your account to see if you have earned money, you will see a screen with advertisement. You will also get a profit-share of this ad. It guaranty’s longer earnings for all members.
    5. The investment is used for stock !
      1. The company sells you a training, and you can than invest into stocks, this are head-fund company products.
      2. There is a garantie of 16% monthly, and you earn % every over the total of the last day. This is also intrest over intrest.
      3. All you need is more time if you have a low investment.
      4. The higher the investment, the shorter the period to get your money out of the system ! 
      5. You can start with a low investment, and find affiliates that will help you to get more money in your account .(OPM) You will have your investment faster back.
    6. GOLD, the company is recycling gold, silver, platinum out of computer chips, telefoons and other products where gold -silver platinum is used in, with a chemical proces.  
      1. There for we can buy Gold at a 10% lower price that the normal marked price.
      2. Also there is a affiliate system, and we are reworded for the new costumers we bring into the company.
  5. GOLD
    1. Gold is timeless. Gold is money the rest is credit. 
      1. Printed money is made by the government, or by the FED ( the FED is a prived company with a licence to print money !?). 
      2. As long we all believe that the $ or €  is a payment that is trustworthy than all is fine.
    2. It is better to be on the safe site, don’t you agree?  
  6. Cryptocurrencies.
    1. There are many cryptocurrencies at this moment 690. 
      1. Timing is key.
      2. We investigate the marked, for the best options at this time.
      3. This all depends on : 
        1. The price at this moment for 1/$ or 1/€, so if we are able to bay them now at a low price it is not direct ok.
        2. We need to see if the marked is interested in it, now and the future.
        3. Can we already use it to pay for products and goods.
        4. What is the daily transactions worldwide.
        5. Is it still good to start mining! Or can you better bay ?
        6. What is the limed of the cryptocurrency, if there is any at all.
        7. Where can you get it, or what actions do you need to take to bay the currency ?
        8. Ad some more internet investigations, if all are positieve we give the advise how what where and so on.
    2. For now Bitcoin is a good option to go for.
    3. Soon we will have all ready to go, at this time I am testing some of them with all in and outs. 
  7. Best strategy for you!
    1. What do you like to have?
      1. Tongterm company’s
        1. There is lower risk if you go for this way. But you need to give it more time than 1 year. 
        2. The company’s are over 2 – 3 year and longer up ad running good and stable. 
      2. Middelterm company’s  
        1. This are company’s who are longer on the marked 1 -2 years, and proved to pay good. But still having some small problems, the company is working to get all correct. 
      3. Sort term company’s 
        1. This company’s are in the first year. So not proven to lest long. 
        2. The best is to go in bigger, and have your money fast back. If something will go wrong you have already money back on your account.    
  8. Remember there is nothing in the world the is 100% safe or for ever.
    1. Therefor we can not give you the garantie that you will be successful, this depends on your work, and timeming. 
    2. If you seed in more than 1 option the chance to win is bigger, it is like seeding not all will become a big plant, some will be small some will be very big.  Over all you will be a winner.
    3. Never give up, it is working for me and my team members, for a longer time now.
    4. I have in some programs 60 times my money back. And still 120 time on the way to my accounts. 
    5. I reinvest 80% of the earnings I have made, to make my million this year. So when will you be the next internet millionaire ?