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onecoin 54247 joined pre laucheNew NoteThe amazing growth of ONECoin in only 1 year +.

ONECoin started on Monday the 11th of August we open up for the first people to take part of this opportunity. In the Prelaunch there are 54,247 members.

Now today 03 NOV 2015 there are 2,500 NEW members every day joining at the amazing number of 645,471 already joined. In 14 month the growth of OneCoin is 591.224 new members, this is amazing!  On 16 Nov 2015 there are 673,249 payed members, also there are ± 25% more members who have not purchase a pack. Don’t be the one who start without a pack, with only €130 you will dubbel your money in 3 month. In 1 year it will be min €1470 worth. What you think it will be in 3 years? ±  €6450. Take action today! 

The CryptoCurrency’s are now regulated as communities, meaning that it is like Oil or Gold…… So OneCoin is the best to start before it will go virtual online for the world. OneCoin is now already 2th in the marked capital worldwide click to see what the ranking is now , an only 17% of all onecoin’s ar mined. When 90% is mined it will join all other cryptocurrencies of the world and jump one more time higher than Bitcoin. Because we will have more users more real capital that all others in the marked today. Be smart start NOW. Click on one of the pictures,  it is FREE to join! 

OneCoin 673.249 members already joined Screen Record 2015-11-16 19.19.44

OneCoin 673.249 members already joined Screen Record 2015-11-16

onecoin 645471 joined alrady 2015-11-03 18.57.09








OneCoin 634736 joined 28 Oct 2015

There are 10735 NEW Members joined in 4,5 days

This are the earning of one upline how is in ONECoin now for 5,5 month

This are the earning of one upline how is in ONECoin now for 5,5 month, earning €565.050 + the weekly earnings of €49.994,94 = €615045.59 AMAZING.


When will you start? Click on one of the pictures and you can signup for FREE, when you start and make a payment, be aware that you pay only ONE time a FEE of €30. 

One coin 623,387 Joined Screen Record 2015-10-22 07.51.22

living the dream boat








one coin USD 1019763662 15 oct 2015

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onecoin 15 aug 2015 495577 members joined

onecoin 495577 members joined on 15 aug 2015

One Coin 612340 joined Screen Record 2015-10-14 01.18.25 One coin 613631 members joined 14 Oct 2015 18:37 One Coin 621159 joined Screen Record 2015-10-20 01.14.50