Scam Programs that NOT work anymore! Or having problems.

We have listed some programs that we have tested or have worked with!

To bad that there are always people who like to steel money in stat of sharing it with others. 

If you like to earn online money you need to be aware that you need to seed before you can harvest. Some of the seeds will be a success some will drain in the water. Overall it is important that there are more who will earn you money, and cover the lost of the bad systems. You can not always win. 

  1. Quarterpaid. Stopped after 9 month total. It was well paying for a long time, to bad, the platform was working top, only the owner is a domas person. Good programer but no hard for the people at all. 
  2. Toki ads: not even 2 month last on the internet, a real scammer. 
  3. Bannersbrokers, was almost 4 year online, only the first year paying to his members. Than collecting money for them selfs and disappeared to a long holly day. Big scam all over the internet. 
  4. Bring the bacon home. Was only 2 month online. have payed the members their money back.
  5. Global fortune. Was slow and have not start for real.
  6. Unison Wealth. Has start 2 times without any good results. 
  7. White pins, was free to start. Never paid any one. 
  8. Extreme pro systems. Start problems.
  9. PlanB4you. The owner Johny Schabregs is still in jail, 
  10. Ultimate ads club.
  11. Nano industries. It was one year online. I lost $900 in 3 weeks.
  12. Binary Options brokers NO GO! There are many Brokers online selling there program as the real thing.
    1. In my 2 years I have test many of them only 1 has payed back the money that was left on the account, after I had showed and proved that there weir glitches on there platform, all this prof I had that I was filming this test with a robot. The money where I start with changed 200 pips and the bet was lost.
    2. I have written 2 books about how to win with Binary Options. It was impossible to lose, but the brokers have changed the programs so that there will be a timeout after 3 times in one row betting’s of 20 seconds up to 2 min. So the system I had worked out and calculated was not working any more. 
    3. Also the affiliate programs of them where not paying for my service, I know that I have sign up members directly With Skype and even than I dit not get my fee. Total I am still waiting for $15 K.
    4. I have also investigate the complet Binary Brokers system, and there are only 2 many Brokers who are delivering the software for all Brokers on the marked thy all get a white label product of them with the license to act as a broker. 
    5. Please don’t start with one of them, all are offering you a BONUS to dubbel your money.
      1. If you do that you need to have a turnover of 20 times the total money including the Bonus.
      2. It is like this if you pay $1000 you get $1000 on top, Now you need to make $40000 turnover to get 1 penny out of the system. Belief me this is impossible!       


The company stopped the activities in Apr 2016.  

These programs are not trust-wordy any more.

  1. ONECoin is not paying at this moment, only you can get your money if you sell coupons to new members.
    1. The ONECoin withdrawals are limited: if you have an account with €1000 you will be able to withdraw max €36 a day. But you don’t see that your one coins are reduced of your account, nothing is happening at all.   
    2. Your Cash withdraw will take 10 weeks and on €56 you need to pay €15 fee = €41 what you will get if we are lucky. 
    3. The split is a distraction if you have a small account up to €5000. 
      1. You will get only 1 split after your start, but the split level will rise almost as fast as the split so you will get only 10% more that you will start mining direct with your account. This means that you need to start with min €5000 to have the comfort of the splits direct after you start. 
      2. Also you don’t see that you have ONECOINS as a cryptocurrency in your backoffice, there is no crypto code connected to your onecoin at all.
      3. The difficulty of the split has no effect on the speed of the mining at all, only effect is that you will get less one coins for your invest ment,
      4. By the way you don’t invest in onecoin or tokens you bay an education pack, so there is no onecoin that you buy!
    4. I have start with €2000 in total, up till today in 6 month I have not received a penny of this company back to my bank! 
  2. Profits25.
    1. The Last payment was in the first week of December 2015. 
    2. There is no communication of the company to the members at this moment!
    3. So we all have to wait until there is something happening! (Now 4,5 Month 24 Mar 2016)
    4. The France way of communication with the members is more than pore ( It is commonsense for the France programs I am in)  To bad if you work with teams you need to communicate, if it is good or bad, this is the key to a long live online. Bade news is always faster.
      1. I have seen some changes in the backoffice so there is some hope left!
      2. We need to send documents before we can withdraw money to the PFS card ( prepaid financia lservices card ).
      3. The website speed is better the last 4 weeks, possible many members have left the company or it is a improvement!  
      4. On Friday All matured coupons are directly back in to the list .
      5. Clicking of the banners is faster.
      6. Website of profits25 is payed for the next year until 25/03/2017. ( it is only small fee, so is this counting, only if it was for the next 10 years LOL)
  3. PokerAM
    1. There is a new management who has bin setup by the old company owners, thy have taken the money and the website offline at this moment!
    2. Sins the company is problems of paying the members, there is no clarity what will happen.
    3. The new website name will be : This page is not working at this moment ( 28 Mar 2016 )
      1. We need to see what will happen, for now it is moved to Scams. 
  4. GPA
    1. It looks that GPA is going down in only 3 month in the new platform. 
      1. Many new investors have lost 10k ore more, I feel sorry for them! 
      2. What thy like to do is star new ??!! one more time, who will do that!?
      3. Advise don’t do it !!
    1. The payments are stopped at this time.
    1. The website is offline At this money If it will be back lets see!
    2. The payments start to be a problem also.
    3. Thy blame Paypal!
    4. Paypal is making a lot of problems for company, it is possible that many company’s will avoid PayPal in the next years and it will now down. 
  7. ForexKing.
    1. Stopt paying the withdrawals, Some are still getting some small amount’s payed.  
  8. Nano-11
    1. The website is closed.
    2. I have heard that the owner has start a new program
    3. Before the ending there was e email of him that he will stop at day 500 and that he dit.


  • If you start look to see if it is possible the money the company is promising you! Example you will earn in 1 day 150% and in 7 days 2000%. Where will thy get this money? From the people how think this is amazing and send money. And pay some of them most of the time the test companies who report that it is working haha can you believe this at all. 
  • TIP! PAY ALWAYS WITH PAYPAL. If it is possible in the program, when a program is not tested by us for you! Than you have the chance to get back your money by Paypal.