News and Update Engofor Head Office

Do 9 Mrt 2017 EnGoFor closed by the Police today!

There investigations at this moment, running from the bank, over 6 weeks.  

There are many people who are positive.

Engofor b.v. has payed out more than thy have received!

Received : 11500 members x $320 = $3.680.000. The payouts was 50K per day 5 days a week sins Sep 2016 till 16 Jan 2017 = 133 day / 7 = 19 – 4 weeks closed in the time of the hakker = 15 week payouts = 15 x 5 x 50 = 3.750.000.

Not even mentioned that the costed of the support, and all the staff of 16, and office has to be payed. And the company Drop Schip Factory, that was also a part of the owner Diego v. d. Veen.      

Concussion = Engofor has payed out more than received! It is impossible that it is a ponzi, or a scam.   

All transactions to the members are payed with the prive bank account of Diego v de Veer.  So he is not hiding himself.

We hope that sone all will be settled, and all member get the money back or, can continue earning every day.

This will speed up all proceses, to show what kind of company EGF is! I hope that there will bee nobody left with out money.  

Report visit 27 Jan 2017 Head Office EnGoFor

I was in the New office of Engofor (EGF).

The first impression of the  office is great. 

  • It is a real improvement to the old office of Engofor. ( Entrepreneurs Go Forward )
  • Also the door is opened by a security man! You need to have a appointment. ad show your ID, if you are not on the list there is no exes for you.  ( Please make a  appointment before you like to talk and meet the Owners en staff )  

There are many questions about Withdrawals:

  • They are now ready until the 10th Jan 2017 with the payouts.
  • Because they are still using a private bank account, course of that they can not pay out more than € 50,000 per day.
  • There are negotiating with the ING bank, they have indicated that Engofor is an financial institution! This is the reason that the first Bank has Not approved them, as a costumer.
  • Once the business bank account is in order, everything goes much smoother with payouts.
  • Engofor assumes that in the short term the payout will go back to the normal 7 days.


  • They are looking to find new support staff, when we were there, there were a few interviews. And Monday there will start again a new employees.
  • The number of support staff is quite growing, I have seen more than 10 persons.

The new building is beautiful.

There is also a night watchman.

  • Arrangements can be made to visit them, the rules have been tightened up by our visit!
  • The adres :
  • EnGoFor B.V.
  • Betuwehaven 14, 3433 PV, Nieuwegein, Holland.
  • Tel: +31853034279
  • And with appointment you can visset them any time. You need to have a passport so that you can prove that you have an appointment.
  • All this to protect the money that the company Engofor earns is for all members.

Pay attention !

  • A member STOP is coming up sone !
  • This stop is also to guarantee the payments to the members.


  • The money in the reserve is always your money that is free to take out after the 40 days have gone by.
  • Even with a possible conclusion of EGF. (This could be done by any circumstances, government, etc.)

Total Members

  • There are now 10,000 members, on Jan. 27, 2017.
  • There can still come more members about 3 to 4 thousand!
  • Engofor is calculating what the maximum number is what deserves to be with this number (Forex) traders thy have now working for them it is 4.

Maximum in the Reserve:

  • There is a maximum of 150 000 in the Reserve in the planning, to guarantee payments.
  • There is currently more than enough room to pay all the earnings of the invested and compounded money in all the accounts! 
  • There is still room to make possible a growth of members.
  • This is very positive.

So have a little patience with anything.

They do their best, and put more manpower to put everything in good order.


  • There they are reported, and AFM is now keep their eye on Engofor!
  • Only when these violations and complaints the AFM will come into action.
  • Their house lawyer’s working on it, and they have a similar business contacts, to exchange experiences, to be able to get faster approval with the AFM.

Documentation / Tax reporting 2017 :

  • Because EnGoFor is a B.V.
  • The Tax report is fixed, they have to make it official open for all to see, and that is only next year financial statements 2018.
  • At that point We can also understand how the financial stand is than and convert etc.

Trading results :

  • Are not visible yet, and will also be not yet.
  • In the future it may be possible! 
  • As loge they pay out is not directly a pree I guess 😉

I hope that many questions have now been answered.

Perhaps I still at some later. Regards D.


I will go on the 8 Feb 2017 to Engofor for a meeting !

engofor meeting 27 jan 2017 c klein engofor meeting 27 jan 2017 engofor meeting 27 jan 2017 e smal