My Advertising Pays review 2014 ! Does it work! It is not Another Scam !

I Joined this company on 5/8/2014  and I am really very excited about the profit share earning opportunity and the 100% success rate. Yes, Anyone can make money with this Math based System.When you Join, buy Credit Packs, Click 10 ads every day and Earn money. Refer other people to the system and even earn more money.

This is the update of my account as it is on 6/24/2014. I have 12 Credit Pack and 10 personal referrals. My referral Commission so far is $0 and profit share earning is $175.15. I bought 4 Credit Packs from my own money and other 3 Credit Packs have been bought  from my Profit Share earnings. Totaal I have invest $460

Also I withdrew $1o to check the withdrawal procedure, in 3 hours it was credited to solidtrust pay ACCOUNT BALANCE ! It is a eWallet system.

My Advertisement Pays review Withdrawn prove

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overview of the company 

MAP made its grand entrance into the world of online advertising, and what a ride its been!

MAP online advertising !

Name: My Advertising Pays Website: Price: $0 for first 30 days Membership Owner: Michael Deese Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

Introduction to My Advertising Pays?

My Advertising Pays is an easy to use system, created by Michael Deese, a United States Air Force Veteran. He created this advertising system to help the business members to make money from their home and to benefit its Members first. You sign up free, buy credit packs, view minimum 10 ads every day and get paid, this is that easy. Alexa ranking on 16 April 2014 ! Look for the new update use the link !Alexa rank MAP on 16-04   It is not a scam and 100% legit andtransparent. The company started in December 2014 and the number of its members already hit the 21000 mark. The Alexa ranks of My advertising pays dot com are  6970 globally and 3695 in the United State on 16 April 2014. See the picture ! We have add the new picture on 24 06 2014, it is now on place 3607 of the global. Facebook is in the first position. My Advertising Pays is an advertising company that sell advertising packs and credit packs or impressions and share its profit with members. Each credit pack cost you $49.99, you will receive also 550 Regular Credits and 10 Credit Boosters. You can then use these Credits to advertise an unlimited number of text ads in the Traffic Exchange. Each 1 Regular Credit is the equivalent of 1 impression of your text ad in the Traffic Exchange, and each 1 Credit Booster will make your ad show for 30 seconds instead of 10 when someone clicks on it. Not only that, but each Credit Pack you purchase will qualify you for the company profit share. it will be credited every 20 minutes all day everyday until you have received $60 in return, then it will expire. You are allowed to purchase maximum of 1200 packs at time of this report. Referral Commission:  You  will earn between 4% to 10%, depending on membership level, automatic commission of the purchase price on each and every purchase of an advertising product that your referral makes. It will give you the chance to create another reliable long-term stream of income through For the Primetime members of, there is an exciting bonus referral program for your hard work, you have the opportunity to earn an additional 8% bonus above and beyond 10%, to total  18%. Sign UP Now to Start Earning Commissions:

Who is My Advertising Pays for?

Even the system mainly targeted the business people, anyone who is ready to invest some money can benefit and earn money with My Advertising pays. It doesn’t mater you are an experienced internet marketer or newbie you can make money with this supper easy to use system. People from any country, any age (minimum age limit will apply) and any background can join My Advertising Pays and make money.

How Much You Can Earn From My Advertising Pays?

The earnings depends on your investment, number of referrals and membership level. Ok, always think big, suppose you are in Primetime membership and have 1200 credit packs and 20 referrals in the same level. You will earn approximately $0.50 in profit share every day for one credit pack, a total $600 from your credit share, day by day ! $60 will go to your advertising fund, you can withdraw $540 per day from your credit share. Use the Calculator ! All of your 20 referrals buy 20 pack each, your referral commission is $2000                  (20 x 20 x 5).  5% ($100) of this will go to the advertising fund, you can withdraw $1900. Altogether with this group you can earn $2540 per day or total :  $927.100  per year.

Also you will get another $8000 referral bonus on the anniversary of My Advertising Pay  launch date. You can use your Regular Credits and  Credit Boosters to advertise Click bank products and earn some extra money as well. Note: The income I show you here for illustration purpose only.

My Advertising Pays Training And Tools

In My Advertising Pays you have access to all the tools you need for your business as follows:

  • Downline Builder: You can submit the  title and URL of the businesses you involved with, anyone you directly refer to My Advertising Pays will see what you are actively promoting and they may decide to join you. All you have to do is advertise your MAP referral link.
  • Setup Campaign: From here you will set up your text campaign to advertise in Traffic Exchange ads.
  • Manage Campaign: From here you may assign Traffic Exchange Credits, Booster Credits, and/or pause/resume your campaigns.
  • Campaign Stats or history: From here you can measure the success of your ads and can adjust them accordingly.
  • Banners and Referral links: You can use it to advertise My Advertising Pays online or offline.
  • Capture Pages: You can use this capture pages to get sign ups to the email list.
  • Invite Friends: Free defined email to invite your friends.

And there is a list of audio books for your personal development such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich”. There is no training section available but you can use the FAQ section to get to know the system.

My Advertising Pays Help and Support:

My Advertising Pays have a support team that aim to answer the question within 24 hours but most of the questions answered within one hour. Also there is a Facebook group with 7290 members at time of this post. It is an active group, you can get support from 100s of experienced  industry expert.

Pros and Cons


  • Anyone can make money.
  •  MAP (My Advertising Pays) allows you to earn money while you advertise your business.
  • Free to get started and you can even start to buy your credit pack from your referral commission. There are different membership levels and  fees after 30 days, I will  explain it later.
  • It is a math based model and less chances to fail.
  • It is a self sustainable and secure system.
  • The referral commission will be paid immediately and the profit share will be paid every 20 minutes. you can use your earnings to buy credit packs or withdraw it anytime you want.
  • The My Advertising Pays members’ retention rate is very high, currently 99%. This because all members are making money from the daily profit share.
  • The My Advertising Pays is simple to use and it put the user first.


  • You need to invest more to get a reasonable income.
  • It is using the international payment systems and they will take a portion of your initial deposit( 4-6 %)

My Advertising Pays Membership Levels: 

My advertisment pays membershiplevels After 30 days free membership you have to upgrade it to a paid membership level in order to keep the credit pack and to earn full referral commission. There are three different types of My Advertising Pays Membership with different level of benefits.the primetime membership is recommended for those who want to earn really big money.

The Success  rate at MAP

The success rate at My Advertising Pays is 100% as its so simple and anyone can make money from the company profit share.

What Short Of Work Will You Be Doing  At MAP?

What you need to do in My Advertising Pay to earn money, a step by step guide. Step1:  Sign up for the Free Membership with My Advertising Pays and also  if you join the MyAdvertisingPays Official Group on Facebook, you can get help from other members.

Step2: Open a VX Gateway account ! Update your your profile with your user name. You also can open a solidtrustpay account, or if you have one already than use that one !

Step3:  When your credit card is connected to the VXG, you can bay direct Credit Packs. # If not than Deposit money to your VX Gateway account, When you ready to buy the Credit Packs you can evort.

Step4: Now buy as many Credit Pack as you can. Sign in to your MAP account and click on “Purchase Credit Pack” , Select Credit Pack in the drop down menu, click on “Go”, in the next window type the Number of Credit Packs Desired to buy and select Solid Trust Pay as the processor, click on preview and click on the  “STPAY Buy Now” button, enter your pin and pay with STP. The new eWallet system, VX Gateway is  working fast !

Step5: Carry on viewing at least ten ads everyday from Traffic Exchange Ads, it will only take you less than 5 minutes.

Step6: Refer others to  My Advertising Pays. This is not necessary to earn money, but  it will give you the chance to create a long term steady income.

My Final Opinion And Action Takers Bonus:

My Advertising Pays is free to join  an easy to use system as 1 2 3.. Everyone can earn money and the retention rate is 99%. The earning potential is tremendous. What are you waiting for?????, See you in the members area. Sign In and start earning NOW.

My Fast Action Takers Bonus:

If you join through my link and buy 10 or more Credit Pack within10 days of joining, I will offer you a free Credit Pack. (Please make sure your Sponsor Name is Mahinthan on the top in the sign up form) buttonAfter you Sign up contact me at and I will help you with any question you have. Click here to learn how you can PromoteMy Advertising Pays and get more referrals I would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave your personal reviews and experience of being part of My Advertising Pays or if you have any questions, please leave them below. Reviewed by: Douglas Hoendermis CEO