My Advertising Pays close my account

MAP’s has closed my account because I have the calculator online running on my website. My ranking is very high in google I am on page 1) raked 1,2,3,4. Some of the members in MAP’s don’t like this. Like Andreas Senkel his is pised that he is not so high in the Google list. So better to get out me of my advertising pays.I had 89 members there + 489 leads. I was promoting MAP’s. But if you are better that some high members you have to go!?   

I don’t get any response of the support team, why my account is closed. Or a refund in any way. I was promoting them for 1.8 years. 

  1. The calculator is showing you that you earn only 7$ on every pack, and not the promised 10$. On the $49.99 investment + FEE = $53.55 So the first earnings are even less. $57 – $53.55= $3.45 for this you need to click 105 days every day 10 advertisements. This will cost you minimum 8 – 30 min depending on the time of the day. The traffic is slowing down all. Even the seconds counter is not correctly. Always slowing all down, to keep you as long as possible on there website, for the Google ranking in the world of MAP’s.  
  2. So to earn $3.45 with 1 pack = 1890 minutes = 31.5 hours = $0.1095 per hour! That is why you need to have 40 packs ore more. to get some good money for 1 hour. But even with 40 it is $4,38 per hour 😉
  3. Also if you have no members in your team who have also packs it is hard to earn money with MAP’s. If you are not a builder of teams it will be hard for you to earn money.
  4. On top of that all to get out your investment you need 1 year, before you have your investment out of the system.
  5. Little people with not a big pocket, have not even a chance to start earning. Minimum investment start is $1000 better is $5000. And have some time, to click the advertisements, 18 min average. 
  6. The money is for 95% build on new members, only a small part is of advertisements of external companies. MAP is telling that thy have contracts with Well every body can have that in 5 min. It is payed that is correct but only small money like $0.05 max per click on a banner. That will be not the world of income stream, don’t you think also!
  7. The trick to have always money to pay the top members is to tell all to get the 1200 packs. How long do you think you need to get there if you have 40 packs? Think one more time! It is not possible to get there in 3 years LOL if you are alone. The most members are alone not earning the $5 over there team.
  8. You need to pay every year FEE . $24.99 for 1 year minimum, for this you get 6% end max 500 packs possible. Well you can use the 5% advertisement you have earned with clicking pages, of your team members. = 8.33 packs clicked 105 day to get the FREE update $24.99. Ups You have only 30 Free days LOL. So you need to Start with minimum 30 packs, and not forgetting to click one day in the exact hour to get a year the possibility to earn your money back.  When you don’t pay the FEE you can click as long as you like you will not earn a penny at all. 
  9. If you are the lucky one to get a paying member, you need to see that you get a bigger upgrade pack, of $99.99 to earn 10% over the members his new packs. So be sure that member will bay min 20 packs in that have year to get breakeven. 
  10. You don’t need to have 1200 packs! With 780 you will earn the same as with the 1200. Why? The bay the 420 packs you need $20.995,80 extra money.  + many packs will drop out. You need also min 85 day to get to the 1200. in this time you can withdraw the $20.995,80 = $246,54 a day extra money for yourself 😉