My advertising Pays calculator.

The calculation will help you to see what you REALLY can earn with MAP’s?

  1. You will be amazed about the power of this system? 

  2. Only with introducing new members, is the sky  the limit of your income! Simon Stepsys top earner of MAP’s needs 5114 members to earn 1,8 M$ in 2,2 years. He had a big network before. 

  3. With 1200 Credit Packs will earn you maximum $3540 a month, on the total investment of $61456 including FEE.  This means that you need 1year + before the investment is back believing the company is still up and running !?

  4. According the calculation if you have 300 – 400 CP’s. It is the best point to start withdrawing every month $1500 – $3000. To grow from the 300 – 400 until you have the 1200 CP will cost you 1 year + $36000 that you missed on your pocket. And you will be able only to have $540 more every month. 36000/540=66.66 month to cover the money that you not have withdraw to get your 1200 CP = 5,55 years !! LOL

  5. Conclusion! Don’t go for the 1200 CP you don’t need it, the big boys at the top like you to go there to secure for them the money to com to their pockets!!

  6. Buy as many Credit Packs as you can afford ( min 40 $1085 or more ) with less than 40 it is very hard to earn!

  7. You need a team with less that 40 CP, to get $5 every time of your partners new CP.
  8. Making money by promoting your products! Sounds good ! If you know what to do and how. 
  9. The calculator is not programed to show you the withdrawals, so all you see is the numbers of CP you can Buy in 1 year. We will work on it to show you what is possible in the update. 

We advise you to start with 40 Credit Packs minimum, then you will get something as  $24 a day, depending on the profit share every day ! You will be able to buy every 2,5 days a new CP! So you will earn more on the total of the CP’s every day ! Instead the 16.6% you will earn on 1 CP, it will increase to a bigger amount of total profit ! Look for yourself in the calculator.

You never have see something like this before !?

REAL PROFIT IS $7.01 (11.66% ) on every CP . The promise is that you earn $60 on every $49.99 But 5% of it will go to the advertisement fond = $3. So $10.01 – $3 = $7.01 You will not sleep any more!   🙄 

Look at the video below the page how to use the Calculator ! 

We have calculated an average of $0,585 a day for 1 CP over 1,4 years. 


My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

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Video how to use this calculator !