Miggster Gaming

ON 14 November Miggster will start the first Mobile Platform where you can play on your mobile many games with your friends, and where you can win prizes. E-sports will also be integrated into Miggster! 

Miggster will have at the start 400+ games and you can pay every month to use them all, as you use now Netflix for movies.

New games will be there so you don’t need to buy them ever more it will be inside Miggster directly on you Mobile, and you and your friends can start Gaming at the same time amazing!

In 2021 the big games from Xbox and PlayStation will be also directly on your mobile streamed, so you can play your favorite everywhere in the world. 

There’s was no way to play games across two platforms Before possible! NOW we Have Miggster!

Even though some of the most popular games in the world!

So this Gamechanger Miggster will help you out! 

If you have now an identical game across the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, players on each console aren’t able to play together, for this you need to have Miggster. 

If you are inside Crowd1 and Miggster you are able to invite your friends and start Earning when they become a member of Miggster how Coll is that? 

Every month you will earn money when your friends are playing!  

How to start as the first of your friends before the rest of the world will ask your friends!

Click on the link or use your phone on the QR code on how to start with Crowd1 and Miggster today.