MeoCom – meoclick calculator – Kalkulator

Use the calculator to see what you can earn with   This is for the launch of 11 countries  (was planed on 8 Jun 2015 ) .

Now Mar 2016 all will start with MeoCom the new name of  the company.

There is still some Extension time  for the Pre LAUNCH in the  English, German, Italian, Spanish  speaking countries, to get the 50%  Golden founder packs, these packs are limited! I have made 10 reservations  for the Golden founder packs! When you have sign up with my team I have extra tools for you, that will help you grow your team.  FB page to see the office, all info is in Franche use the google translation for your country.  

BE FAST, the launch is almost over!!

Sign up preorder the Meo50 pack. Pay in the next 45 days. If you like what you see.

It can take 10 sec before the calculator will start! All is running online, and many are using it!

With  you will EARN 1,5 X MORE than with Profits 25 ( P25). You have 12 weeks instead of 16 weeks + 50% instead of 40%. 

Meoclick is  even 3.94 times FASTER  than My advertising pays (MAP’s ).  The €25 is easier to get that the 49,99$ in MAP’s. meoclick has €12,50 profit in 12 weeks (on only €25 for 1 coupon), instead of MAP’s  €6,36 ((7$ =10$ – 3$  (5% advertisment reservation)) profit left in 14,2 weeks.  So if you compare it to € and the same money investing  50, Meoclick in 12 weeks €25 profit.  Map’s €6.35/25=25.4%. Or 25/6.35 = 3.94 times faster than MAP’s if you are alone and only run the money until it expires ! 

Below the page you can see on the video, how you can use the calculator ! THE REAL POWER OF EARNING ONLINE THE EASY WAY !   

This calculation is with 6 team members, if you are alone change the members to 0. 

This is how the account looks in the pre launch time for me, already earning over € 950 every week,up till now no clicking necessary, when the countries are open we need to click 40 banners 1 time a week LOL . 

Meo click earnings 28 sep 2015

How to use the calculator for meoclick !

This is the pre launch back office, It will look real cool the next !