Meocom LAUNCH in Mar 2016

Launch Packs Limited quantities available per country !

200 € for the 150%  pack ! 

In this pre launch time you have the possibilities to start as an founder. 

These founding packs are available in limited quantities .

With this pack founder, now you ensure a gain of  ( 45% – 47% SOLD OUT !)  Limited for some days 50%  for all coupons purchased  instead of the 40% standard, for as long as you are a member of Meoclick.

The founder pack also gives you innumerable advantages, which allow you to stand out.

In addition to the   50% guarantee for each insured and coupons purchased!

You also have a 3% – 1% higher commissions when you sponsor someone, or when your friend is sponsoring someone and turn it on  4 levels below  you.

The sponsorship remuneration packages for the founders are:

1st line (Frontline)  14% instead of 11%
2nd lines  9%    instead of 6%
 3rd lines  4%    instead of 3%
 4th lines  3%    instead of 2%

By opting for the founder pack, you also receive your debits card  MasterCard  FREE  instead of  € 15 , it is provided by the ViaBuy company, is will be delivered in maximum  48 hours  from the official launch of our backoffice.

Facebook link of meoclick.

You will also enjoy a personalized email address ( ), which will give you access to powerful tools such as Office cloud, allowing you to access your desktop everywhere as if you were at home. And a range of tools such as shared calendar, etc …

Gives you access  sneak preview  also to all new meoclick products! And the new version of meoclick products (Back Office, Website, etc …) so we can release a Fed back of your tests and printing.

Each pack included founding  25 € 4 coupons worth € 100 , which will be automatically credited to the member on the first day of launch backoffice meoclick.

Normal program : 

For those who sponsor members, it is expected the following sponsorship fees:

 Level 1  11%
 Level 2   6%
 Level 3   3%
 Level 4   2%

Special conditions have been established for the founding members, please refer to the percentage acquired when registering as a founding member.

These commissions are credited to the account of the sponsor upon confirmation advertising coupons godson.

These commissions are also seen when referrals are buying new advertising coupons, and on the four levels deep.

In order to receive weekly compensation, members must click on the banners of our partners each week, the resource site partners they receive their registration.

The number of clicks required is 40.

In order to be valid, clicks members must be registered in our database. The company is not liable for technical problems that may arise (technical problems due to members). No exemption shall be granted if those clicks are not registered.

Each promotional coupon is paid € 25 each week until reaching 40% of earnings. The remuneration is paid every Friday. When advertising coupons reach € 35 (initial bet 25 € + 10 € or 40% of earnings), they are automatically disabled.

For each advertising coupon 25 € possessed at meoclick, the member is entitled if he wants a personal banner for any activity whatsoever, including a competing activity meoclick. These personal banners are present under “Banners of members” resources of the partner site and visible to all visitors. These personal banners must first be submitted to the support to be validated and inserted.

To withdraw money : from his account, a member must have a balance of at least 50 €.

The only modes of payment and withdrawal usable are those listed on the meoclick site.

Concerning withdrawals MasterCard prepaid card, there is no basic limit, however the Meoclick members must respect the terms and conditions of the publisher of the map.

The support : Meoclick responds in French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. The site is translated into these languages. Business hours of support are:

 Monday to Thursday  8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
 Friday  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
 Saturday  9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The time allowed for a response to your requests for the support is at most 48 hours.

An innovative advertising in 11 countries , which derives directly from a communication agency

meoclick was founded as a result of a merger of idea and project, the main actor is the founder of a renowned advertising agency. By combining the expertise of this agency, and commercial know-how else associated in varied fields such as finance, sales, marketing, etc. and born meoclick . Today in 11 countries and 2 continents, she decided to use the force and speed of network marketing to further cross new borders and publicize the excellence of our products.

meoclick is an independent advertising agency, headed by 11 leaders (President), a single majority. However all decisions should always be validated by the board of directors or the seat 11 presidents. Every president is assigned to a respective country and manages it according to the decisions and directive approved by the whole of the international council. Customers and founders that refers directly to the president elected in their respective countries.

Inrebes Holding AG headquartered in Switzerland, has the entire assets and liabilities meoclick, however, it does not intervene in the strategic and commercial issues of meoclick. The member of the Board having the majority shares of meoclick, is also the one with the majority shares of the company Inrebes Holding AGInrebes Holding AGintervenes only in control of meoclick trust accounts, which it passes these checks directly to its appointed trustee (SwissChart Consulting GmbH (CHE-112 992 143), in Sargans, Switzerland), which reviews the financial statements quarterly.  Inrebes Holding AG reserves the exclusive property meoclick to intervene with the Board of Directors, in the extreme case or line of conduct meoclick derive from the established agreement between Inrebes AG and the board of meoclick.