• Status : Not Paying, Up till today 11 Nov Lara is not back so to bad it is now Scam!
  • Lara is working on a new platform! The Planning = 7 Nov 2016 for the New Website based program! ( Look at more info’s Click this! )
  • Trust Score : 5/10 .
  • Can I earn without a team? :  YES
  • Payment with  : Bitcoin, Payeer, ADV Cash, Perfect Money.
  • Minimum Deposit : $10 .
  • Withdrawal Min – Max : $1  – $10K per day instant . 
  • Referral % – Levels : 10% + 1L + possible .
  • We have Personal Contact with owners ! : NO
  • Extra’s : Problems With Telegram, building a new platform ( Web based ! planning is 24 Oct start) 

Earn 3% for as long you like with Lara;

  • Team building 10% L1  If you are a leader +2%+1%+1%+1% total 5 Levels.
  • Look at the instructions.
  • MAC or PC & Tablet even Windows and your Android.
  • Easy to use in Telegram App.
  • Min start =$15 maximum $50,000
  • Payments : Payeer + ADV Cash + Bitcoin + Perfect Money + Payza

Douglas, [Oct 9, 2016, 10:12 PM]:

Hello everybody
Now we have some unpleasant news for you. We will not try to sugar coat it, issues we are facing at are very real and already affected whole LARA community.
As you might know already, from the recent news article, there was a collective troll abuse attack on LARA from @newschannel
During the last week those people were trying to provocative others in a different ways. This channel was spreading rumors around all the communities, and finally organized a collective abuse request on Lara services (without even being a Lara platform participants)

The results of their actions were a partial API access block & “warning” notification at all the messages LARA bot sends.
We are not able to work with investors money anymore, although users are still able to receive revenue in a manual mode. Right now we proceed some payouts in a complete automatic mode but the majority of your requests can be paid only manually. We simply cannot run our software (telegram might restricted an access to the bot API for our domain in a first place) Our Support Team & administration has a tremendous wave of questions, do not expect an instant answer from them.

Please do not invest or invite people in your team before this issue will be completely resolved. Share this message to all the partners you have.

Enemies found our Achilles Hell. We used 3rd party service and rely on it as an absolutely unbiased instrument but we were wrong and we will fix it. We hope LARA will be back to normal working mode.
It is not the end. It will never be…

#lara_with_you #be_with_lara

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