Lara update New start web 24 Oct 2016

We have some informations about Lara!

Will There will be a New start: YES

Last update 24 Oct 2016  :  2 weeks more time before the start 7 Oct 2016 !!

This massage I have fund :  Hey guys. Update as promise. Sorry a lil bit late. I’m hyde by the way. I’m no programmer or software engineer but I have friends that do the backend checking for me. Who are these guys? A group of people from HITB. What did they find out? The site is progressing rapidly.

How do they know? Honestly, I don’t know. Hahaha. But they’ve explained every single thing to me and it convinces me that LARA will be back online in a few days. Did I trust them? Yes. Because I know them personally and I know that they hate all HYIP programs (so no bias)

And honestly, stop asking the supports and leaders about the update. They know nothing! Supports = paid staff ($400/month) leaders = investors like us. Even lara’s developers are from different countries. They are working remotely. How do I know? I will share u the proof in a bit. Reasons? Because they need to remain anonymous.

Ive waited for 14 days with no updates, of course im fumed. No info no updates. Why would they do that? Creator deleted his telegram. Supports left by saying lara is a scam and so on so forth. Me myself as the rest of all of you guys invested a lot of money in lara, and I have downlines that need answers.

Im no big investor, maybe not jetblack.. Back to the website thingy.. What will happen if its back online and people start opening the website.. Lets say 50k investors at one time.. What will happen to the website? (Maybe u know the answer better than me)

And payment system.. Think of $31million x 3% x (the lapsed days) = ??? One time withdrawal.. Right?

So please people, give them a chance. A chance to make our life a lil bit better. Why do I believe in lara? Because I do some translation work for lara’s future website, bot & community chatroom (supposedly) and I know what is their next step before the shutdown. (refer photos below)

Hey, u don’t have to believe me now, but look out for the next couple of days.. or weeks? Hahahahaha.. Peace!!

P/S : Someone in the group also have the same thought and optimism like me. He also do the backend checking on and he can agree with everything that I say.. maybe.. hahahahaha! (And if u realise, the website is changing yet again) :p

There was a meeting on the 15 Oct 2016 last weekend. This are the pictures of that meeting!   

New Pictures 24 Oct 16 : 

lara-investor-news-22-oct-2016 lara-whit-me-event-15-oct-2016-moderators lara-whit-me-german-22-oct-2016 lara-whit-me-hand-out-bag-gifts-event-oct-2016 lara-whit-me-leadres-vietnam-event lara-whit-me-stage-team-15-oct-2016 lara-whit-me-vietnam-team-24-oct-2016 lara-with-me-1-24-oct-2016 lara-with-me-24-oct-2016 lara-with-me-creator-23-oct-2016 lara-with-me-event-vietnam-2016

We will update all we can give to you. Lara with me will be back on 24 October 2016 that is the planning of the company!

lara-will-be-back lara-conference-vietnam-15-oct-2016


lara-haked-thuan lara-meeting-metropole-hotel

lara-15-oct-2016-many-members-vietnam lara-convention-15-oct-2016-vietnam-boxes-gifts lara-meeting-3-floor-event-vietnam-15-oct-2016 lara-vietnam-event-15-oct-2016 lara-with-me-members-happy lara-with-me-website-version lara-with-me-withdraw-and-investment-49987 larawithme-i-will-rise-again-stronger

lara-no-connection-telgram-bitcoin lara-with-me-website-version