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With a thirst for creation

Who are we and why do we work nights and days to create a cyber-creature named LARA? How do you join our “stealth team” and is it even possible?

What is LARA TEAM?
We are a team of 17 people. Partners working together for several years. Time-proven people in this business. The administrative core of LARA: web developers, designers, video-operators, writers and project managers, financial advisors, traders and mathematics. We live in different cities and countries. We do not have an office or any other center, where in theory a bomb could be dropped to eliminate an enemy.

We practice a secure VPN connection, even when checking the highly protected messengers while sitting on the toilet. We forgot about the existence of credit cards, passports, phones, and real names. We use cryptocurrency to buy bread and butter, and the constant movement around the public internet access points became a habit for all of us (to be honest, mainly because we’re too lazy to brew our coffee ourselves). We never saw each other in person, but we trust each other more than we trust ourselves. Our liability is equally important, and the motivation is simple – thirst for creation. Without having a purely financial motivation, we still dedicate 80% of our personal time to the development of the mechanism, which in our opinion is intended to make the world a better place.

This is the LARA team. Do you want to become part of our secret brotherhood? But you don’t know how? When you are ready to enter our world of social restrictions and sleepless nights, we will have a heart-to-heart talk. But the most important thing is that you CAN…

How does the structure work?

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Makes key decisions, receives feedback from thousands of users, speaks using highly specific categories and has an absolute inability to consult the members on the questions, which were carefully answered in the FAQ. Loves funny stickers. Not emotional, even though sometimes it may seem so.

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Accounting and discipline, organization of the highest quality, lucidity of mind and speed of action of our managers are startling. But so far just for the managers themselves. They can solve financial questions and give out some gifts.

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Bold people. Those who believed and began the evolution. True leaders and professionals. They are close to the administration and have direct contact with them. Their opinion is taken into account. Just because they are the first and will never be the second. What else would you expect from a leader?

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It is impossible to underestimate the importance of the customer support team. People, which are the basis of the order and cleanliness of the community. They will help, guide and support our patient members. But remember, they are just people with the need to eat, sleep and drink coffee…

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The mission is above everything. The protection of the climate in the community is the main thing. The main points are the understanding of the word “must” and the remarkable talent in all industries. Yes, in all of them.

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Members, helping the system to grow and evolve, enterprising people who used to be the ordinary users, just like you.

Constantly in search for talents
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Traders
  • Support Agents
  • True Leaders

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