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Let’s talk about business.
Our community consist of more then 77 thousands investors.
Tens of millions invested.
Quite a few millions paid.
Strongest leaders are building biggest teams around the world.
Some of them do it in a massive scale. Thousands new investors daily – top networkers are not joking around 🙂

What we can offer for those, tho decided to push all the limits of the team-building? Opportunities.
Lara Platform has an amazing affiliate program which comes with a career growth.

Each user can get 10% from his directly invited partner.
Using your affiliate link (Lara menu: EARNINGS > My team > My affiliate link) you can signup new members and instantly get paid with bonuses of 10% from their deposits.
But once you feel that you can make it bigger, there is a whole new world waiting for you….


5 downline affiliate program
VIP Team Panel (advanced web-based team management profile)
Having visible results, working hard by sharing an idea of unity, financial freedom and privacy, those leaders can enjoy fruits of their labor on the spot.

How do become a Representative?
In order to become an affiliate representative of LARA community, you team has to consist of 50 directly active users (with deposits). Once you achieve this number – provide your profile ID to @lara_creator with directly forwarded message from the dialog with LARA (team information)
If your request will be approved – you will be able to receive much more bonuses and manage your team professionally.

11 downline affiliate program
This is a deep networkers orientated offer. For leader who knows how important is a downline focused work and constant new leaders support. Trust Holder can partially manage cashflow of the team by the approval from the administration. Extensive features of his Team panel provide a complete access to all the 11 level genealogy of the team. Sweet!



How do become a Representative?
The basic idea of upgrading to the T.H Status is to make your team scalable. So you must have strong leaders with visible results. In order to become a Trust Holder you have to get at least 10 Representatives appointed by the administration directly.
Once you complete this task – talk to @lara_creator
At that time you might be in a good relationships with LARA administration already.


1% from all the Country Deposits.
Such a good spot. But yet – not easy to get an access to.
With an extreme level of income, comes great responsibility of managing whole country development.
Clear objectives and real numbers in your plan. Offline events, staff financing, organization and support.

How do become a Representative?
10> Trust Holders
*1M > Cashflow
*Personal Achievements
But the most important factor – is a human factor.
There are can be more then 1 CH. on the country. So you always have your boss chair available

Grow your team from the regular investor up to the Country Head.
There is no limit of your income in LARA and true leaders always play a big role.
We work on the ideas collectively, we make it possible every day…
We are making this world better. Just because we can.
If you feel you can make a difference – this is your time to perform!

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First Contest winners 

⭐ 7 MacBooks go to:

+$74,000.00 @btcman1 ID 94088316
+$60,650.00 @HieuNguyen789 ID 260363007
+$60,010.00 @yon ID 268316129
+$55,500.00 @bosir ID 265515061
+$53,000.00 @Murilla ID 273921392
+$43,660.00 @alexanderinblack ID 238645663
+$40,020.00 @Leelusia ID 247496713

⭐ ⭐ 7 Apple Watches go to:

+$40,000.00 @mainteam ID 259791308
+$35,000.00 @Kapil ID 291061178
+$33,810.00 @nowas55 ID 242063504
+$32,540.00 @richphan ID 162900697
+$30,340.00 @Istomin ID 34348400
+$30,150.00 @VietnamAgent ID 241456562
+$30,000.00 @igond ID 252513370

⭐⭐⭐ 7 Bitcoin Ledger wallet go to:

+$30,000.00 @Budi78 ID 156174307
+$29,000.00 @bogomoll ID 239616620
+$28,670.00 @VMoneyX ID 249767436
+$25,260.00 @danielavaron ID 287041132
+$25,000.00 @Shirly ID 252389048
+$24,800.00 @Thanh ID 290235599
+$23,600.00 @Sundram_Boy ID 253426182

And just to make it fair, here are 7 more leaders which will be rewarded with a small gift as well

+$23,600.00 @Sundram_Boy ID 253426182
+$23,480.00 @坤哥 ID 265000748
+$23,260.00 @MUHAMAD ID 235973384
+$22,880.00 @fufan2059 ID 217120796
+$22,175.00 @hyipstat_me ID 190357209
+$22,100.00 @Dennis ID 230104145