internet live web news, pages online & users, FB, Twitter, google, Emails and many more

  1. Always like to know how many websites there are on the internet ?
  2. Or how many email are sent today all over the world!
  3. If you like to know how many google page surges are made.
  4. The growth of the internet Users at this moment.
  5. How many videos are viewed today on YouTube, even how many FB Face book active user there are! 
  6. Pinter active users at this time of the day.
  7. Also the websites that are hacked, is really stupid the ones who are into that.
  8. Computers that are sold world wide.
  9. New Tablets that are both in all the store’s, end the Smartphones.
  10. How match electrical power used now for the Internet.
  11. Dit you know when the first internet page was online all start on 6 Aug. 1991. And in September of 2014 there are over 1 Billion websites, 25% is active.
  12. We show you all you like to know!


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