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General questions about automatic trading with IMFX
What is the complete process from the free demo account to the fully automated trading of currencies?
Open a free and risk-free demo account and see everything in peace
Click the Live Account button and register with our EU-regulated broker DMA Brokers
You will receive your personal depot and an e-mail with all access data – the connection to the IMFX trading system is done automatically
Pay for your desired amount / we recommend at least 5.000, – Euro for the beginning (you can deposit and withdraw at any time)
Go to your backend, click Connect live account and enter your details – your account will be visible.
Finished – Profits now You can pay out your winnings at any time

What is the meaning of automatic forex trading with IMFX?
The system is fully automatic with currencies and generates profits for you. You do not need to do anything and have no specialist knowledge.

IMFX’s trading system was developed and programmed by experts. The system includes traditional and modern commercial algorythms. It acts fully automatically, observes the market 24 hours a day, every second | IMFX automatically opens a position for corresponding signals, depending on the volume used. The system observes the order permanently while it is open and closes the order with the corresponding development. The result is immediately posted to your account.

The system is preinstalled and it does not require any installation, monitoring or other actions from your side. Nevertheless you always have full control – you can interrupt the trade at any time or cancel it.
Do I need to install something?
Ready to use – we have developed a uniquely simple system for you.

You do not need to do anything else but to log in and transfer the sum for which you have decided to transfer to your own depot. The system is fully installed and does not require any maintenance by you, which will take over our experts for you. Ready to use is the motto.

Absolutely simple, flawless and extremely effective – we do everything for your success.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic trading systems!

Advantages and disadvantages of Expert Advisiorn / automatic trading systems clever combined for the best performance.
IMFX leverages the strengths of automated trading systems and combines these with the skills of human professional traders.
An expert advisor, as well as the manual trading of Forex instruments, has advantages and disadvantages.
The disadvantages lie in the fact that the fundamental analysis can not flow in or is only very imprecise. There are systems that try to get interpretations from the news, but the technology is not yet ready for the independent trade. In unusual market phases an Expert Advisior usually weakens something, a good system will however loosely overshoot these phases and can then go up in the subsequent success rates high returns. The best time to get started in such a system is always when it just weakens. The statistical probability is significantly increased, so that a very good phase is imminent.
Advantages of automatic trading system / EA`s
The advantage of an automatic trading system is absolute precision. Unlike the human being, the expert advisor can check hundreds of parameters in milliseconds and trigger an order when everything is right. Likewise, a very precise and sustainable development can result from results, failures and successes of the past. A fully automatic Forex system can be adjusted to the exact piping requirements and can thus guarantee a high degree of safety and yield. This strength is exploited by an expert advisor, especially in the usual market phases without any major influence from outside (events in the global economy). An ordinary market phase corresponds to a recurring pattern and thus average values. The prevailing trading period is, of course, ordinary, which is an ordinary factor forming the average and this is the most common occurrence. As a result, the Expert Advisor is an excellent tool for most of the year.
Benefits of manual traders
IMFX, together with Preston & Stadler, has taken up these basic ideas and combined them into a perfect product.
In ordinary market phases, the Expert Advisor shows its strength and delivers constant and good returns. Despite the good return, the trading positions are kept relatively small. Thus it is possible to use, insofar as an unforeseen event and associated price fluctuations. The order, which is opened in the scalping area and is to be closed quickly, is then taken over from international trading desk into manual trading and aligned short-term. It combines the precision and the ability of professional traders to create a perfect product, ensuring long-term, stable and good results, and is currently the most innovative system in retail.
Combination of manual trading and automatic trading
The best is just good enough so we have one of the oldest and most successful trading system associated with the international trading desk in Chicago. There are manual traders around the as a backup and supplement to the automatic trade tasked. This combination provides the best product on the Forex market and is unique. Long-term and constant returns are the result.