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22 Feb 2016 In our previous news, in regards to the trading of iPic, we informed about that the FED had raised its key interest rate for the first time in nearly a decade and things were starting to look up for the economy. FED Chair woman Janet Yellen and her colleagues even estimated that the Fed would raise rates about four times in 2016. But now FED officials are worried.

They have noted that the forecast for inflation, that is a key measure for rate hike decisions, was facing more headwinds than expected. We have also seen falling oil prices which have held back inflation from rising in the U.S. The markets rallied after the minutes were released. The comments seemed to signal that it was unlikely the Fed would raise rates in the near term at least.

Japan and several European central banks have pushed rates into negative territory, meaning you pay the bank to deposit money there. It’s a strategy meant to promote spending, which drives economic growth.

On top of all this the United Kingdom are discussing to leave the European Union and still no agreement is made which worries the markets.

We are happy that iPic continues to deliver results much higher than most of the products in the market even during times when more or less all markets are shaky. We have a positive feeling that 2016 will be a really successful trading year for all our members!

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The iPic investment pool has soon reached maximum quote – and it will soon not be possible to get these good returns for people coming in after the 1st of April 2016.

What does this mean?

Every investment pool whether it being a hedge fund or segregated portfolio arrangement etc, the allocation can only perform at a certain level up to a maximum amount of capital.
Taking in further capital in such fund, might lead to that the investment in all, will be too risky or will not perform as it has done.

It is likely to believe that iPic will reach its maximum allocation during the spring, and the reason why the management has advised that Icon Sachs shall not take in more capital in iPic after the 1st of April 2016.

Everyone that invests in the iPic before that including those that already have invested before today, will still get the good returns – and can benefit from the exploration of the structured products inside the fantastic and most successful iPic.

On top of that there is some special promotions for those who join Icon Sachs and invest in the Pic before the 1st of April 2016:

Value Code For Free!
1. Sign up a new member. When this member has made an investment in iPic you will get a Value Code for another package (the same level that he/she signed up for. This can be used for helping friends and family to join iPic. Note: (There is no commission on this Value Codes)

30% More For Free!
2. Everything you invest in the iPic you get 30% more of for free. Existing members who will take advantage of this promotion will have the possibility to double their portfolio, only during this promotion.

Exclusive Access to XPic 300% More Favourable!
3. You get exclusive access to invest in the new iPic (the XPic) that twill be launched on the 15nd of April! This exclusive access will be 300% more favourable than the ones that invest after you and that does not own a X package before the 1st of April. More information about the new amazing upcoming XPic product will come on Friday 26th of February!

 We are happy to announce that Icon Sachs have signed an agreement
with the payment company IntexPay to handle all inward payments and the investment in the iPic.

IntexPay is a global payment platform with many payment possibilities and where members in Icon Sachs will have the opportunity to apply for a pre-paid Visa Card.
This will enable the members to withdraw both bonuses from the com
pensation plan and any profit from the iPic, to an e-wallet that is connected to the Visa Card.
You can then choose to either wire the funds to any account, fund any existing card, or fund the new pre-paid Visa Card.Icon sachs IntexPay

Your IntexPay Visa Card is very simple to order. You only need to click on the link below, fill in your information and upload your KYC: https://www.intexpay.biz/icon-sachs-card-application/


Dec 2015 we are already over 30,000 member who ear enjoying every day the ROI we diliver to them

  1. You don’t need to click to earn something with us.
  2. We dilever every day 0.2 – 2.9% ROI over your investment. We are shore we will diliver you min 16% ROI every month, but we are shore it is more 😉
  3. There is a maximum that you can invest with us 8,000 Euros.
  4. Also we have a maximum of members we can let in to the system, this depents on the investment of every member. When we have reased the level of 550 mil Euro, we need to stop the member growth directly. This has to do with the maximum licens we have. If we have reched this we need to start a aditional company with new licensy. 
  5. Withdrawals are directly to your bank account, or directly to your own creditcard. We will get a bankcard next year, that you can use everywher in the world. 
  6. We have no monthly fee.
  7. Only you need to start with a aducation pack! See the calculator for your options and earnings.

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We are very happy to announce that we have almost passed October with a result as high as the expectations. Over all the market has been very shaky but due to good risk management and good analysis we have managed to secure good profits to our Members.
During October we have been monitoring the situation in Europe, Asia and the U.S but with the focus on Europe and the U.S.
So far October marks the second of four consecutive months of gains
for the S&P 500. The volatility in the market increased notably ahead of US Federal Reserve interest rate decision. Yet a key question is whether Fed officials will shift rhetoric and hint towards raising interest rates at their last meeting of 2015 in December.
In regards to the European financial market, Germany’s Central Bank thinks the Euro Area’s recovery will continue to be solid in the next two months, even as global risks have increased. They are though concerned that while growth is slowly coming back, the Euro Area needs to address the problem of increasing its growth potential. 
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More than 20.000 people have joined Icon Sachs opportunity the last three months!

We are now launching two extremely strong FAST TRACK bonuses that reward fast and effective work both with iPic Invest and the networking! FAST TRACK give new members the possibility to jumpstart their new business.

New members that make a deposit of at least €200 into iPic within the first 48 hours after joining, will get compounding after two months instead of three!

All new members that join with Package 1, 2 or 3 and have directly referred members signing up within 48 hours, will qualify for an upgrade if the price of their sold packages (made within 48 hours) cost more than the upgrade to the next level. Members with Package 4 will qualify for a free Value Code worth €975 if the price of their sold packages (made within 48 hours) cost more than €800.

Signup FAST TRACK examples

Example 1: Michael buys the package No 3

  1. Michael signs up a new member who purchase Member Package No. 3 within 48 hours.
  2. Michael will then receive an upgrade to Member Package No. 4
  3. Package 3 price is 975 EUR
  4. Upgrade from Package 3 to Package 4 is 800 EUR.
  5. The 975 EUR is more than 800 EUR, so Michael qualifies to be upgraded to Package 4

Example 2: Maria buys the package No 1

  1. Maria signs up 5 new members who purchase Member Package No. 1 within the first 48 hours.
  2. She will then herself be upgraded to Member Package No. 2
  3. Package No 1 price is 95 EUR
  4. 5 package No 1 = 475 EUR.
  5. Upgrade from Package No 1 to Package No 2 is 380 EUR. 475 EUR is more than 380 EUR, so Maria qualifies to be upgraded to package No 2.

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