Icon Sachs History

The background

Icon Sachs is the result of the meeting between a group of sophisticated investors that met in Geneva, Switzerland during mid 2000.
Among this group, two gentlemen from Switzerland had worked for large investment banks and hedge funds, one had experience from the trading floor in Frankfurt, and two more were asset managers working out of Dubai.

Everyone had their own business and met for a Forex event as investors.

As they were not really sure about the Forex industry they had a common view and started to elaborate on other interesting areas were investment would be best placed.

After some brainstorming the gentlemen decided to meet next day to elaborate on the ideas from the day before.Icon Sachs turning €8000 pool €267.000 in 24 month

What eventually was mutually agreed to be the best investment product for high returns and yet well balanced risk, was a structured product with a leverage element.
The Icon Sachs strategy for choosing best investment product

The group decided to put together a combination of products into a Structured Leverage Product: a combination of bank guarantees and bonds in the base, but with a big portion of leverage product on the top.
– The Bank Guarantees and Bonds would serve to create preservation of capital.

– The Leverage products – which are best suited for those investors that have an appetite for high returns – would serve to generate the high returns, as with Leverage effect enables high returns to be achieved a relatively low deployment of capital.

They tested the product with some of the investment banks in Geneva with a fantastic reception. The group formed the internal project “Icon Sachs Sophisticated Investors of Dubai” in 2010 and invested own money.
The Icon Sachs Education programs
In 2015 they decided to make the information about these products available to the public. Education packages were created and are now sold from Iconsachs.com.

Icon Sachs is now sharing this important information, skills and experience inside of different Education packages, containing valuable and interesting information how it works in the banking world, how funds and financial instruments are used in the financial market, but also how to become a better investor using the effect of the Icon Sachs Structured Leverage Products.

In the last 8 weeks my account has grown by about 25% based on the Icon Sachs strategies

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