How to solve problems in your EnGoFor account

*** PENDING DOCUMENTS ***  logo-engofor-small-en-go-for

  1. Anyone who still has documents pending (ID or address proof)
    1. Please DELETE Them and Re-upload your documents again.
  2. Address proof,
    1. Make sure that the address you have filed in your user details.
      1. Matches the address that you have submitted on the document!
      2. **Note – there are over 1500 members in the database who haven’t even filled out the address fields in user details!!
      3. Don’t expect your documents to be approved if you haven’t completed this step
  3. ID proof 
    1. Please use a valid passport or government ID 
      1. Which clearly shows date of birth.
      2. It is NOT 100% shore ( If you don’t have either of those then you may use a driver’s license. ) This can cost you a long waiting time ! Or not get approved at all.
    2. File size must be 1 mb or less, if you need to convert your file please use:

Support team is working tirelessly to get these done as quickly as possible so Please be a little more patient with them as they work through everyone’s requests!


BANK or Bitcoin wrong adres.

Please look in your Email with the name : NOTICE: Payment details changed

  1. You can surge for that name in your email account or your Mac & PC.
  2. When you have the Email : you need to click on the link with the tekst: it is the first position If this is incorrect, See this picture. 

engofor Notice: Payment details changed email if you bank or bitcoin adres is not correct