How To Get Started in Royalq bot

You need to register with RoyalQ and set up a Binance account. You can still use your existing Binance account.
Connect your RoytalQ app (binding) to your Binance account and you can start trading immediately.

  1. You pay for a 1-year subscription to Royalq Trading Bot – $100 only + 20 extra for the Fee!
  2. Deposit USDT (TRC-20) in your Binance or Huobi account to start trading
  3. The More USDT you have to trade means more profit.
  4. API: go to the settings API, authorized to bind with Huobi and Binance Exchanges. ( In the setting: only open reading and trading permissions.

User’s trading funds and profits are in their own accounts, safe and checkable, and can be unbound at any time, trading funds do not need to be transferred to the Royal Q platform, this is the safest way to earn online!


Register With Royal Q

( My Invite Code is) CVHLN


Note: Click the chinese wording on the top right corner to change the language to English.
After registration you can download the royalq App from App Store/Play Store
After downloading you can sign in from the App.

  Royalq download Links and Movie’s

Register a Binance Exchange Account

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Binance  15/5% link I am sharing with you profits of Binance 15% for me and 5% for you, how cool!

Or Use this link of Huobi the 2e Trading option of the Robot

You have to download the APP

You have to download the APP Iphone  

Android phone

Follow The 3 Steps Below

Activation of Royalq Bot
Send $120 USDT to Royalq

From Royal Q App you click MINE (Bottom Right)
and select Asset then click Deposit/.Recharge. Royal q USDT wallet address will appear.

Send $120 USDT to the appeared address.
Upon clearance, you click activation and select Fuel for iPhone or click on Activation (Bottom) for android phone.

You pay Royalq a one-year subscription of $100 leaving a balance of $20 for the gas fee. When the robot closes your trade they will charge a small fee.

Binding Royalq to Binance

From Binance App
Click MORE and scroll to the bottom and click API Management.

Label API key as Royal Q and click CREATE API KEY. Copy the API key and paste it into the Royal Q App.
Below the API KEY, you click a small triangle to get your secret key. Copy the key and paste it in Royal q. This will bind Royal Q and Binance.

From royalq app
You click MINE (bottom right) and select Binding. Click on Binance to paste the Binance API and Secret Key. to bind. Click Binding and both will be connected. You are going to trade in Binance using the robot.

How To Start Trading

From Binance App
You Click Wallet, Spot then searches for USDT (Tether US) and click on that coin to click DEPOSIT.

Your USDT wallet address will appear. Send USDT to Binance account for you to trade.

The minimum per trade is $10usdt however we strongly recommend you to trade as much as you can afford.
Between $100 – $10,000 will be a good amount to profit.

From Royalq App
You click on Quantity (at the bottom) search for the coin to trade and click on that coin. Click transaction setting (Bottom)

Enter the amount to trade in the First Order Limit section then click confirm at the top right corner and click confirm.

Finally, you click the Startup Green Button to start your trading.

Tips on coin selection

Search for coins that show an increase of more than 5%. This indicates that the particular coin is having a high volatility rate at that moment.

Lucrative Compensation Plan

You will also be rewarded for sharing this opportunity with others.
You don’t have to refer people to make a good income in royal q. The trading profit alone is lucrative enough.
However, I strongly recommend you to refer others in order to earn much more.

For more information go to the RQ affiliate information