How to buy Bitcoins

It is always hard to find a way that works easy to buy the Bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies online like Litecoin, dogecoin,Ripple and many more. It is a long way to find this out. So we have don all the work for you!

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To start with Dogecoin you need to setup a waled to be able to receive Dogecoin’s. 

If you like to have an account for 3 cryptocurrency than you need to have, Block IO to start with Dogecoin – Bitcoin – Litecoin account. Click the link to get your walled.

The limit for the BITCOIN’s is 21 million bitcoins this will be reached c. 2140. If there is the power to mine it at all. It is getting harder to mine the Bitcoin. The power consumptions is getting bigger that the value of the Bitcoin at some point, so the bitcoin will become as rear as gold. And the price will go more up!

* The Litecoin Network will produce 84 million Litecoins, or four times as many currency units as will be issued by the Bitcoin Network. The Litecoins is easier to mine, so it will fill in the gape of the Bitcoins. The litecoin is real stable, and will rise sone, so it is good to bay now at a low price before it will jump high like the bitcoin. 

On July 7, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin (LTC), wrote a post on Reddit to offer a fix for the current spam attackto the Bitcoin network. He had suggested the idea three years ago in a pull request to codebase on GitHub, but developers rejected his idea at the time. A similar attack on the LTC network would not be not “economically feasible.”

Lee said that one of the reasons he created Litecoin was because it was hard at the time to make changes to the Bitcoin network. Having different developers with distinctive ideas, however, “can only be good for the resiliency of the whole cryptocurrency movement.”

My strategy is to get as many cryptocurrencies now before the price will rice up above €100 and more. 

I am investigating what are the best to have at this time. I have already 1 mil Dogecoin’s, and 100 lite coins, and some Bitcoins. 

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