How many Bitcoin mined every day?

Many like to know how many Bitcoin are mined or how many are mined the last days or weeks. Below you see the graphic, You can hover over it to see how many it was an the last days. this information is generated of Blockchain  website made easy for you to find it.

There are for now a maximum of Bitcoin’s almost 22 miljoen that can be mined!

In the next 124 Years is only the rest that is 22,000,000 – 15,698,400 = 6,301,600 left (today 26 Jun 2016). Meaning that the price will go UP every day week month or year, the demand is higher every day more company start using the Bitcoin it is only logical that it will hit the $20,000 and higher in the next 5 years. So be a part now, we can help you to earn every day more bitcoin. Use this link to start earning Bitcoin’s when you work or even sleep ! 

The Bitcoin is the money of the People not of any Government or other hitten group who never will show them selfs.

Gleam you freedom! From everyone who is stoping you to be a free thinking human.

Nobody is more or less, so we all have to be happy! The money has to be spit equal now is the time to get your part of the big pie. 


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