Healy New and Improved Compensation Plan as of July 1st 2019!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New and Improved Compensation Plan as of July 1st 2019!

Dear Healy World Members,

As you are probably aware, Healy World started just a few months ago. Within this very short time we have achieved so much more than we could ever have imagined or wished for! This is why we are looking back today as well as setting the course for a promising future together with you:

– With your help and hard work, we have laid the foundations for a Social Selling Network that is rapidly growing yet stable. The number of members is increasing continuously; we are, after only four active months, the fastest growing network marketing start-up in the world within the last 10 years!

– Healy and its business opportunity have been very well received in many officially opened countries around the world, among them 28 countries in the EU, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Other countries are in their pre-launch phase (most of them bound to open in 2019), including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea.

– Every week, major business opportunity meetings are held in several countries, some of them with over 600 people attending.

– All important business processes have now been automated and tested; they are internationally scalable to any size, so that nothing stands in the way of further growth! We have by now effectively worked out all the minor challenges of the starting and pioneering phase. Shipping, payments and commissions, marketing tools and the back office are working smoothly. We can deliver quickly and accurately to most countries.

Starting July 1st, we will take another important step: together with our most experienced executives, we have made significant improvements to the compensation plan to better meet your needs regarding the Healy World Network business.

These changes will financially reward you for team building even more than before. We are enhancing the binary bonus and the matching bonus in particular, as well as adjusting the direct commission to a points-based calculation. You may receive very slightly reduced commissions for individual sales, but you will profit much more from your team’s sales – now to unlimited depth levels!

The Healy World company is doing their part to contribute to your success and to your income: we have substantially increased the total payout of commissions to support these important goals!

The details as of July 1st 2019:

1) The 15% binary bonus will be paid for all revenue points in the “weaker leg” in the future, not just for those that have not already been paid out for. For Healy World, this means that we pay out 15% binary commission on every single sale many times over! Mathematically this is only feasible by

limiting the weekly earnings to € 10.000,- of binary bonus and matching bonus together per position. If you exceed this limit, another slot automatically opens above your network position where you can continue building your sales structure. For the individual ranks within the network, the new compensation plan sets individual limits for the weekly payout of the binary and matching bonuses.

There is no upper limit for payment of direct sales commission!

2) This enormous increase in commission payments could only be achieved by changing direct commission on your own sales and other commissions to a points-based calculation system.

The point values currently correspond to approximately 60% of the net sales volume and are the basis for the commission payments in local currency.

The percentage rates for direct sales commissions, ranging from 20% to 26% on the points volume, remain unchanged!

3) In order to make it easier for you to reach the respective ranks for receiving a matching bonus, its qualification will from now on be calculated on a monthly basis, accumulating all your points for a whole month; qualifications for reaching the various ranks in the network will also be adjusted accordingly. That way, you can build your position more sustainably and under less pressure!

4) The points of the “stronger leg” remaining after calculating the binary bonus will now remain for calculating commission, for an unlimited time! Only the already paid out points of the “weaker leg” are deleted in both legs.

On the whole, these changes mean that from July 1st you will benefit significantly more from the sales efforts of your team. On top of that, you can now easily calculate the binary bonus yourself: just take 15% of the sales points of your weaker leg; you don’t have to check anymore if commissions for certain sales have already been paid out.

A first webinar on the new compensation plan will be given on June 25th; we will also of course answer your questions. The new compensation plan will be published in a timely manner before the first commission run is calculated based on the new rules.

We wish you continued success in the future and hope to welcome you to the big year-end event in mid-October in Europe, together with some other top members!

Best regards,

Marcus Schmieke and Dirc Zahlmann