Dubbel Your Bitcoin’s in 90 Days or Less! Gladiacoin banner
  1. In Gladia Coin Withdrawals are automatically processed as long as you have a receivable value greater than 0.1 BTC and also a valid bitcoin wallet registered.
  2. When you reach 100% in the progress bar, that is, double the value of your bitcoins, your contract is automatically terminated and you must make a new plan purchase at the same amount as the current one to start a new cycle.


    • Status : Paying ! 
    • Trust Score : 5/10 . With 15% Monthly FEE it will kill this system, + the minimum payout of 0.1 BTC, + On top it is now 7 month it is always Critical Time to Start !
    • Can I Earn Without a team? :  YES
    • Category : Short Term program !
    • ROI : 90 Days, or less if you have a team up to 1 day!
    • Payment with  : Bitcoin.
    • Minimum Deposit : 0.3 BTC .
    • Withdrawal : Automatically payed to your Bitcoin wallet, when you have  0.1 BTC  or more / Max 10 BTC, Automatic.
    • Referral : Max 17% Binary, look for more info below!
    • Company Start on : 01.12.2016.
    • Extra : Update Your Position Before you have the 100%, You will have only 24 hours to buy a new position! If You are Too Late You NEED to Start New. ( If you have the Spartacus 7 of 5 Bitcoins You Have only 24 Hour to hold your position in the system! )  

Double your Bitcoin every time faster!

  • You can achieve this even faster by using the incredible power of the binary network!

    If you inform New People how to benefit from the Bitcoin Dubbelar Gladiacoin!

    You can double your bitcoins in 80, 70, 50, 30 days or faster in less time!

    Show the Gladiacoin platform to your friends, the faster you will Double you Bitcoins!  

    Earn up to 10 BTC per day, to the maximum limited of 300 BTC per month.

    There are 7 plans :Upgrading is possible any time!

    Spartacus 1 = 0.3 Bitcoin, In this first option You are NOT Able to Double You Bitcoins at all! It is only for positioning of your 3 or 7 first positions in the Binary. You will earn 5% over the balance of your team! 

    Spartacus 2 💡 0.4 Bitcoin, Return 0.8 Bitcoin   > 6% on your team.

    Most of the time you will get a team The Person above you is getting more members and the next free place will be filed under you! 

    You will Earn Back 0.5 Bitcoin in 90 days, when you are Alone.  

    With a team you earn faster < 90 days, depending on the team you have, up to 1< day.

    Spartacus 3 🙂 0.3 BTC, Return 0.6 Bitcoin + 7% on your Team.  

    Spartacus 4  💡 0.5 BTC, Return 1 Bitcoin + 9% on your Team.

    Spartacus 5 🙂 3 Bitcoin, Return 6 Bitcoin + 11% on your Team.

    Spartacus 6 🙂 4 BTC, Return 8 Bitcoin + 15% on your Team.

    Spartacus 7  ➡ 5 BTC, Return 10 Bitcoin + 17% on your Team. For more info look at the video!

    Gladiacoin proof of earnings

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    This is of my upline in 3 month earning 8 Bitcoins every day

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