eva-synthesis .com Earn every day 3,5 %

Eva is for this moment not paying! Possible update, so for this time Do not invest !  8 Oct 2016 !

If you like to start making money right now!  eva-robot-logo

There are simple terms!

1) Install Telegram App.

2) Use this link to start !

Earn every day 3,5% >4%

Accept deposits:

Bitcoin , Payeer, Perfect Money, ADV Cach. 

Earn : 3.5% -4% per day, depending on the deposit amount, the contribution of working life!

Profit I will be charge per minute, you can withdraw funds at any time by typing on the balance of $ 0.1, and payments will be received instantly on all wallets!

Referral system It is a very profitable one, you can earn 10% of the deposits of your partners! Every time they invest new money.

eva-synthesis-bot-telegram-back-officeOpen deposit

Eva-synthesis Bot
Choose the payment system and follow the instructions!
Watch carefully, my conditions are as follows:
1) 3.5% for 24 hours, the amount of investment from $ 1 to $ 2000
2) 3.7% for 24 hours, the amount of investment from $ 2,001 to $ 10,000
3) 4% for 24 hours, the amount of investment from $ 10,001 to $ 50,000
Earnings you receive every minute! Term life contribution!!
If you experience any difficulties then,
Visit us in the chat or contact your support!
Russian chat https://telegram.me/Eva_Ruschat
English chat https://telegram.me/Eva_Engchat
Indonesian chat https://telegram.me/EvaChat_indonesian
Support: @Eva_Synthesis