Email address MeoCom – meoclick departments

If there are some problems or questions use one of the best fitting email address for your case.  

The list of new emails so that communicated solely and exclusively with our services is as follows:
General Information: Info@Meocom.Com
Administration: Admin@Meocom.Com
Accounting: Finance@Meocom.Com
Blocking account and verification address: Fraud@Meocom.Com
Technical Support: Help@Meocom.Com
Legal Department: Legal@Meocom.Com
Ordering Map Member: Card@Meocom.Com
Validation, transfer and offers meopack / Meocoupon: Service@Meocom.Com

I would like to thank our members to use exclusively these emails from 14 March 2016, on Monday. The emails that will be sent to the old email address, are no longer treaty and cannot be considered to be received by our different departments.


MeoCom  Site is not jet open : Only for members who have all documents cleared and approved.


The old ones of meoclick