Crowd1 Pioneer Owner Rights Value

Claim your Pioneer Owner Rights in your Crowd1 account every Wednesday. Look at the video dow on the page How to get them for Free €115!

Owner rights claim it

Pioneer Owner Rights – Long-term Value

The Pioneer Owner Rights that you receive now will be the most important Owner Rights ever. By collecting Pioneer Owner Rights you will get a part of the profit from all amazing upcoming product lines that will be launched.

AffilGO dividends owner rights

Owner Rights Dividends – Affilgo

Affilgo will launch in November with fantastic gambling products. When Affilgo is launched it will start generating income.

Every 3 months dividends from the profits in Affilgo will be paid out to all Crowd1 members who have Owner Rights.

Owner Rights Dividends – Miggster

The second product line to be launched is Miggster with e-sports, mobile gaming and social gaming, products used by billions of people every day!

After the launch of Affilgo and up until the launch of Miggster we will distribute Miggster Owner Rights, which will give Crowd1 members dividends from all Miggster activities!

Miggster owner rights dividends

Crowd1 Owner Rights Exchange

At the time of the first dividends payout, we will open the Crowd1 Exchange., which is a platform where you can buy and sell Owner Rights.

Owner Rights trade APP

IMPORTANT!  The total Owner Rights in your network will be more worth every month!