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Why DAS Coin? And CoinLeaders!   dascoin-coin    coinleaders-logo-coin-leaders

With DasCoin you pay conveniently with your iPhone or Apple Watch Android smartphone – for everyday use or while you are traveling. Enjoy the freedom of conducting transactions without cash or bank cards. Register for DASCoin is only Possible at this time if youare a member of CoinLeaders  . When the platform is opend on 10 Jan 2017,

Than  you can make Easy Payments Wherever Apple Pay is Accepted !


After you have registered, you can start paying with DAS. in just a few short steps. Simply add your virtual app.  With your finger on Touch ID or double-click the side button on your Smartphone, then hold it near the reader.

With your DASCoin App, where Apple Pay is acepted,  you can pay at any NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminal that accepts MasterCard Contactless payments, in Apps or on the Web that accept Apple Pay.

DAS Coin = the 1st Wave of Cryptocurrency !

Coin Leadres is working with DasCoin.


This is the backoffice for now in the Pre launce ! The new one wil be ready in a copple of weeks.

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Bitcoin & the AltCoins

In the first wave Bitcoin established itself as the pioneer of decentralized, autonomous cryptocurrencies. In 2009 it emerged as the world’s first encrypted global digital currency. It was secured by an ingenious mutual ledger system called the “Blockchain”. Bitcoin was a currency that was not under the control of any government or any banking system.

Soon afterward, the open-source code base of Bitcoin was being used to create a legion of “Alt Coins”. There have literally been hundreds of alt coins created, with the largest of these being Litecoin. While some have made progress based on unique features, in general there has been very little market traction among the alt coins.