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With Chartfords you will be able to buy in an online Art gallery?  And a the NEW Art of earning online  with a clever compensation program where no one remains on the side of the road and where you will be able to acquire paintings and Cash! 

Chartfords is a company created in 2008 and registered in Canada. 

Your benefit?

For every purchase of C$ 250 you will receive a free cashback point that will earn you $ 1350 with the compensation program. 

Money back guarantee 14 days payments! 

Payments are made every 14 and 28 month worldwide and in the currency of your choice on any bank account you like. 

Chartfords offers very advantageous not mandatory referral program.

Each member earns the same amount of C$1350  for C$250 investment! 

You can choose to?

Invest in a painting for C$1000  and there you will receive 4 free points that will give you C$5,400 in the future when you have completed the 4 x 4 forced matrix.

Also you can buy direct C$1000 Gift Vouchers, you also will receive 4 Cashback points in the system. Later you can use the gift vouchers to get your ART print or original painting. 

For more information, Download the presentation in :    CDollar-Flying-Painting-less









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