Chartfords strategy’s in the matrix

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I will show you some strategy’s, so you will be able to earn faster money with Chartfords.

It is possible to have your first money back in 4 weeks. 

All you need is 5 members with 11 Points. Copy this and all will earn money fast ! 

The EVEN numbers will go into the Global matrix, so all members will be mixed up. And no one will be left behind on the road to success.

That’s why passive members will earn too.  

You can plan only the ODD Numbers with Chartfords, if you are working in your point in the system. So if you are in point 2* as a working point than you will be able to plan also the ODD Numbers. (* You need to fill POINT 1 with 30 points to start in point 2) 

Strategy 5 members 11 points earnings Chartfords Strategy 5 members start with 11 units + earnings Chartfords

Black = completed working point. Payed the C$1100 

Yellow = Interim payment. Payed C$250

Red = Cooled units after 14 days ( there is a money payback time of 14 days, before it will be green in the system)

Extra Strategies : If you and your team members start with 10 points, you need 1 member more than the first strategy of 11 points. 

  1. 30/5 = 6 members with 10 points, you will have number 1,3,5,7,9 direct connected to your point 1.  2,4,6,8,10 will go to the Global layer.  9 points is possible, however you will NOT get in the Ruby program, missing C$2250.
  2. 30/3 = 10 members with 5 points.
  3. 30/2 = 15 members with 4 points.
  4. 30/1 = 30 members with 1 point. 
  5. 30/10 = 3 members with 20 points.

To know how many points you need direct to your working point, You need to double it ! That is why we say 4 point 15 members.  

Only the ODD numbers are controllable for the planning.  The EVEN numbers go in to the first free space. 

Cash Back program Chartfords Odd numbered points global Cash Back program Chartfords Global overview