Chartfords Ruby program 10 generations paid.

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Chartfords Ruby program

Chartfords Ruby program

If you are Qualified for the Ruby program, 10 Ruby points will earn you C$22,500  +  10 Free Sapphire points* which will earn you C$42,500 + 30 Free Cash Back points on completion thereby automatically growing your number of Cash Back points.

When you Share this opportunity with others and if they are Ruby qualified, then you will earn the following Generation Support Bonuses when their Ruby points complete.

When each of your team’s Ruby points complete you receive Generation Support Bonus payments down 10 generations.

*Subject to qualification

This is payable Per point not member e.g. if someone on your team had 10 Ruby points

on your 1st generation, you would receive 10 x C$1,000 = C$10,000 when they all complete.

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Chartfords Ruby program 10 Generations paid. If the unit is complete your team member has received his total C$1350 payment. You will earn your generation bonus!

Rubby bonus program Chartfords 3 free points + C$2250





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