Chartfords Cash Back Program, 10 generations paiments.

Cash Back Program,  your fortune future.                        Earnings Facebook review.  Download the new Premier Cashback PDF. Dutch.  English.

Chartfords Cash Back Program turn 250 in to 1350

Chartfords Cash Back Program turn 250 in to 1350

Every CashBack Point cost C$250 this point will turn in to C$1350 when it is completed. (30 CBP’s in your working point)

Imagine you start with 10 Cash Back points will earn you C$13,500 + 10 Free Cash Back points

+10 Free Ruby points* which will earn you C$22,500 recurring on completion.

When you Share this opportunity with others you will earn the following Generation Support Bonuses when each of their Cash Back points complete.

*Subject to qualification

This is payable Per Point not member e.g. if someone on your team in your 1st generation had

10 Cash Back points, you would receive 10 x C$200 when they all complete = C$2,000.

We have a forced matrix, so all units will fill in from the left site.  In time X you will earn always. Even passive members earn with Chartfords!

Cash Back Team Structure 10

Chartfords Cashback 10 Generations paid. If the unit is complete your team member has received his total C$1350 payment. You will earn your generation bonus!

Chartfords Chart up growth