Chartfords review, prove earnings

I like to show you what the real potential is of Chartfords = Paying now almost 7 years in time. 

I have start for 3 month now with 11 points of C$250. Within 7 weeks I had my first 2 payments total of C$450. At this time 14 Apr 2015 I am close to the next payment of C$1100.

  1. When I have received this money (1100 + 250 Interim payment already paid) I will get direct 1 new point in the system for FREE!
  2. So with the points you start, you will earn for many years and years to come. There is no end to this at all!
  3. 1 time investment of C$250 (CAD) will give you a livetime C$1350 of earnings !
  4. Also the withdrawal was payed in 5 days to my bank account in Europe. My bank was calculating some fee. So you will receive a little less, all banks will do this, if  it is fair or not, if you ask me it is not.  

I have received One payment of C$250 Interim point payment + 200 of my first line, look at the pictures, it is  the prove of the payments I have received.

  • My name in the system is appsxxl. Look for yourself how any point I have in the system and what my cash back is in this short time. Sign up it is FREE. 
  • For all members there is TOTAL TRANSPARENCY, also if you are an free member or an member with some points in the system, all can see the same.  

Remember Chartfords is like an pension plan! It is an long term investing plan!

  • With only an 1 time purchase.
  • Even passive members are earning.

You can speed up your earnings if you help others to start also to build their future.

  1. We all get rewarded if we help 3 members to get 10 points in the system, look at the RUBY plan
  2. Chartfords RUBY Extra earnings total of C$2250, when completed.
  3. And also the Sapphire plan.
  4. Chartfords SAPPHIRE Extra earnings total of C$4250, when completed.
  5. There are even more extra FREE Bonus reward payment plans for members who help building this wonderful system.
  6. Chartfords is something like an Real pension plan for your friend his live and yours.
  • Chartford is the best you can find.
  • It is like a private bank for all of us ! 

It is NOT an fancy fast earning plan !

  1. We all can see how many points sombody has in the supermatrix of Charfords.
  2. Or even when we like to see the potential cashback of an memeber.
  3. So nobody can tell anybody that he or she is earning a lot of money that is not for real.
  • You can always check it out yourself for free ! Sign up free for 30 days and find out who is earning !  
  • If you have only 1 point in Chartfords, you will have automaticly 1 year free membership, or longer until you earn 1000 CAD. 
  • Chartfords is sure that you will earn more in 1 year, than this C$1000 🙂

Facts :

1) You don’t need to sponsor anybody to earn money.

  • Prove of many passive members in the system who are earning money. 
  • a) Member names examples : Bart , AnnieG, lfcdave and so on there are many more of them.
  • If you look in the back office click on the button: Cash Back points, there you can see all points of every member.
  • Or in the Potential cash back, there you see if the member has in the Generation 1 some earnings , if there is nothing!
  • Meaning that they have not sign up anybody at all.

2) Only 1 time investment ! 

  • a) C$250 investing will earn you time over time C$1350
  • b) You will earn your first C$250 interim payment when you have 3 layers on top of your working point.
  • c) If you have completed the 4th layer on top of your working point, you will received your final C$1100 payment.
  • d) You will receive every time 1 new FREE Cashback point, when you have received your final C$1100 payment. 

3) If you sponsor new members into your team!

  • You can control the speed of earnings.
  • Strategy 1 : 
  • Sign up 5 members with 11 points.
  • 5 x 6 odd points = 30 =1 complete block ready.
  • The system will split up the numbers 1,3,5,7,9,11 this are the ode points. These will directly be attached to your working point.
  • 2,4,6,8,10. this are the even points. These will go into the Global pool.
  • The even points are filling the first Free spaces in the matrix. That is why all members are earning in time X !
  • You will earn fast your first C$1350
  • Your investment – C$2750 – 1350 = C$1400.
  • If you complete the 2th point of you, you already have almost your investment back. There is only C$50 left.
  • Your Potential cashback will still be 11 x 1,350 = C$14,850 + (30 x 200 = 6,000) total C$ 20,850. 
    • Your team will also copy this way.
    • You all will grow fast. By all of you the potential cashback will grow!
    • Every time you have received an payment, your potential cashback will grow !  
    • Also you will now qualify for the RUBY program, this will earn you an extra of C$2250 in time X !
    • Even you will now go into the double RUBY program earning you faster your payment in the Ruby program.  

Extra Strategies : If you and your team members start with 10 points, you need 1 member more. 

  1. 30/5 = 6 members with 10 points, you will have number 1,3,5,7,9 direct connected to your point 1,2,4,6,8,10 will go to the Global layer.  9 points is possible, however you will NOT get in the Ruby program, missing C$2250.
  2. 30/3 = 10 members with 5 points.
  3. 30/2 = 15 members with 4 points.
  4. 30/1 = 30 members with 1 point. 
  5. 30/10 = 3 members with 20 points.
  6. 30/

To know how many points you need direct to your working point, You need to double it ! That is why we say 4 point 15 members.  

Only the ODD numbers are controllable for the planning.  

Prove : 

Below you see the first payments of me. I am not so long in the system, so every week I will have more members and more money will come to my bank account. I see it as an longterm business, so in 1 year or more I will have daily earnings coming in to my account !

14 Mar 2015 Withdraw C$250 E-wallet 15 Mar 2015 appsxxl C$200 Chartfords

Also prove of one of the upline of us, She is now less than 2 years in Charfords With her position named Crystal in the system. Look it up in the FREE back office !

Crystal 15 Paiments Crystal 14 Paiments Crystal 13 Paiments Crystal 12 Paiments Crystal 11 Paiments Crystal 10 Paiments Crystal 9 Paiments Prove Payments Chartfords Prove of Payments Chartfords prove of  Payments chartfords Prove of Payments Chartfords prove of Paiments Chartfords Prove of Payments chartfords


Concussion : 

Many are asking me: how fast will I earn my money back?

All I can say is : that it depents to your work you put in to it. Or the number of points you will start into Chartfords.

If you are passive that is also fine, it will take longer like 2 – 2,5 years. Also this depends on the team or person where you are direct connected to. If that one is working hard. He or She  will push your position up. Also the layer in the system is important, where you’re even numbers are. 

One thing is clear :

  1. You will always earn money with Chartfords.
  2. It is build that all members will earn in time X.
  3. It is a forced Matrix.
  4. All free spaces will be filed from the left site. 
  5. So no one will left behind.
  6. There  is always more money than the payouts !
  7. If there’s made a Payment of C$250 there is C$3500 in the bank. Even if the next payment of C$1100 is made there is C$4000 in the Bank to pay you !
  8. The complete platform of Chartfords is transparent for all members. 
  9. If someone starts earning and he will always, He or She will become excited, and will start working, talking to friends and family. Chartfords will grow and all of us will earn of that excitement !     

Thanks all for the time to read all this information. 

Start today ! We will help you to make your dreams come truth. 

We will help you also to show your new members how the system works ! Translations and presentations you can download them direct on this link  it is in 8 languages. FR, D, GB, RU, PT, PL, SW, NL.  Many more will come soon. If you are looking for yours please inform us we will look to get it translated.