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You earn every day 1.5% of the total of your deposit for 40 days long = 160% this is including your own deposit ( 60% profit in 40 days = 1,5% a day)

  • For now it is working that we get 100% back on day 41!
  • The new platform pays you every day the 1,5% that you can withdraw. Or Compound every time.
  • And at the end of the 40 days on day 41 you get your Deposit back.
  • Now is the best moment to start you earn more with compounding the 1,5% The minimum deposit of $10 ! 
  • WE Advise to do the Maximum you can efor.  The Money you start with and Compound it 40 days into Plan 1: 1.5% for 40 days.
  • The best is the settings we have made for 11 weeks, compounding ( re invest your profit) !
  • Than you can withdraw 45.6% every Month! Without using your money of the reserve!
  • Change the Yellow veld numbers to the amount of your possibilities.
  • If you have made a mistake Refresh  the page, and all will go back to the startpoint we have programed!
  • Also If you start for example on a Wednesday, then you need to change Monday in $0, and fill in the desired amount you start with on Wednesday or the day you start in that Week.

Always be aware that online there are no guarantees, that the programs will work a live time. So invest only what you can afford to leuse!

With EnGoFor your money is used for the Forex trading market ( Forex is currencies pairs example USD/EUR or CAD/AUD )

In The Forex market the Pips are the key to earn, depending on the total amount you invest let’s say $1000 in the market they use a 400 times margen so your money that works = $400000.

  • The currencies pair USD/EUR is for example 1.05678 and moves to 1.05608 = 70 pips
  • If you have used 0.1 = 10% of your total money = $40000 x 70 = $28 this can happen in 10 seconds but also within 5 min or longer.  
  • In this example You have to had your trading on SELL that the profit will be Yours. +$28 on top of your $1000 = $1028
  • But if you was BUY than You lost -$28 = $1000 – 28 = $972. 

The great part is that in EnGoFor there are good traders that are experts, so this is wai thy can offer you 1.5% for the next 40 days!