HitBTC News BitConnect will be on HitBTC Exchange on October 31st 2017

Alert on Bitcoin Cash Ticker Change   

Dear Traders! This Info is of the website of HitBTC Exchange

HitBTC does its best to timely notify you regarding the upcoming changes on our platform. Today we would like to alert you that we have made the decision to change the ticker symbol of Bitcoin Cash from BCC to BCH to comply with Coinmarketcap standard and leave room for the new currency joining HitBTC – BitConnect, which had ticker BCC since its conception.

A ticker symbol is an abbreviation that identifies a tradable stock on the stock market. On HitBTC every market is referred to with a certain unique ticker. Since Bitcoin Cash has forked, we have been referring to it as BCC, as it was the short name most commonly used by the project’s team in their public communications.

Bitcoin Cash token was created on August, 1, 2017 as a new chain was forked from Bitcoin blockchain. By that time BitConnect had already existed for about 9 months, as its ICO was launched in November, 2016 with the abbreviation BCC, short for BitConnect Coin. As the project progressed, the ticker solidified and the coin was added to Coinmarketcap with this very abbreviation.

HitBTC is going to change BCC ticker to BCH on October, 25th and open markets for BitConnect on October, 31st. We respect the priority of their ticker’s emergence and believe it would be just to grant BitConnect token the right to be listed as BCC. It goes without saying that we do not infringe the integrity of Bitcoin Cash’s image, as the project’s official FAQ page states that commonly accepted abbreviations for it include BCC, BCH or XBC depending on the service where it’s listed.

To sum up:

  • Bitcoin Cash will be listed as BCH
  • BitConnect will be listed as BCC

We apologize for the possible confusion the change may bring at first, although we regard it as a step towards stronger consistency on HitBTC and stay certain that ultimately it would be beneficial for the communities of both coins as well as for our traders.


HitBTC team