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AuPartners International Ltd, London, is offering you to seize an outstanding opportunity and make a fortune. AuPartners is a company that markets gold and other precious metals for the German gold company Auvesta Edelmetalle AG in Holzkirchen.

Auvesta is an international company with sales in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Eastern Europe and USA. Auvesta specializes in the buying and selling of physical precious metals. The precious metals are normally stored in a secure LBMA certified depot but can be delivered to the customer upon request. Auvesta has over 150,000 satisfied customers. Buy-Back guarantee for your precious metals through online sale. Your precious metals are physically available at all times, you can even see which LBMA certified gold bar you are shareholder of. The Euler Hermes Rating Agency GmbH, Germany has awarded Auvesta Edelmetalle AG the quality seal of “Best Credit Rating”, therefore attesting an outstanding credit rating. Less than 1% of 3 Million German Companies qualify for this award, whereas Auvesta has been able to reaffirm such achievement, for the past 3 years.

AuPartners offers people the opportunity to both buy and market precious metals. While making money they also build their own gold treasure. We reward people for saving in gold. AuPartners is a real million dollar opportunity for people who like gold and teamwork.

AuPartners offers a 5 level income, as well as other multiple ways of income. Our product is called Tariff Core, which is a gold purchase contract of € 5000 worth of gold with no fixed duration or installment amount. The gold price of Tariff Core is a little below the average market price, so it is a fair price. The Setup Fee is €400. Between 25 to 100 percent of your income goes towards the purchase of precious metals. Always when customers in your organisation buy gold you will earn an income and at the same time build your own gold treasure.

It is always a good time to buy gold but it may actually be the best time now than ever before in history. The world only has about 20-years worth of minable gold reserves remaining and at the same time the demand is rapidly growing.

Following is an overview of why it is good to buy gold and a more detailed overview of Auvesta. Then we show how you can work with us and make a fortune.

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Why buy gold?

20 years worth of minable gold reserves remaining. March 31, 2015 Goldman Sachs European metals and mining analyst Eugene King warned that the world only has about 20-years worth of minable gold reserves remaining Cross reference this supply information with the recent report from ANZ Bank, where gold demand in Asia alone is expected to double over the next 15-years, and you have a recipe for potentially explosive price action. Substantial growth of the middles classes in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam is expected to drive gold demand for the region from 2,500 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes by 2030.  ANZ sees scope for new record high prices.

The total volume of gold. The best estimates available suggest that the total volume of gold ever mined up to the end of 2014 was approximately a total of 177,200 tonnes, so there are 25 grams of gold per person on the planet. The stock below ground is estimated 54000 tonnes and every year new 2,500 tonnes hit the market but the demand is 4,000 tonnes. Unlike other asset classes, gold is known for keeping and increasing its value. Gold’s rarity and the fact that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to mine has also led many top investors to predict a price explosion on gold in the near future.

Gold Price May Increase to $5000 per ounce in the Future says David McAlvany, chief executive officer of McAlvany Financial Group, talks about the outlook for commodities and the price of gold. He speaks with Owen Thomas on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

A $10,000 investment, your returns with gold and stocks
If you had invested $10,000 in gold bullions in year 2000, your initial investment would have grown to $45,555 May 2015. That same $10,000 investment in stocks of the S&P 500 index would have gained $19,676

Gold retains its purchase power. In 1910 Ford car cost 850 USD, or 1300 grams of gold. In 2010 a Ford car cost $ 38,850, or 1300 grams of gold. U.S. dollar has lost over 96% of its value during the past 100 years.

The Tax benefits. Gold and silver are not subject to capital gains tax. After 12 months of holding profits, they are also tax free. Gold (and silver if it is stored in a duty free facility) is not subject to value added tax.

Gold for Security Reasons
Asset managers always purchase considerable amounts of gold for their wealthy clients for security reasons. “Paper currency does sooner or later return to its inner value – zero. “ (Voltaire, 1694 – 1778)

Paper currency continuously declines in value
The volume of paper currency can be randomly increased. The immense proliferation of currency that is flooding the market due to actions taken by governments and banks is resulting in the steady decline of the paper currency value. Even an inflation rate of just 3 % per annum reduces the value by 50 % over 20 years! No government or bank in the world can manufacture gold and depress its value through inflation. Precious metals have enjoyed lasting value for millennia.

Why Auvesta?

Auvesta Edelmetalle AG, Industriestraße 4, 83607 Holzkirchen, Germany., Telephone +49 802 447 411 44

Auvesta Rating.

Auvesta is a company without debt and has a philosophy to not loan money and rather grow slow and steady than to jeopardize the company’s solidity and credibility. The Euler Hermes Rating Agency GmbH, Germany, has awarded Auvesta Edelmetalle AG the quality seal of “Best Credit Rating”, therefore attesting an outstanding credit rating. Less than 1% of 3 Million German Companies qualify for this award, whereas Auvesta has been able to reaffirm such achievement, for the past 3 years. Credit worthiness certificate awarded by Creditreform. CrefoZert awarded by Creditreform. Only about 1.7% of all companies fulfil the requirements for this certification. The ‘Top Rating 1′ is the award for German companies. They are rated on a scale of 1-6 in the area of credit worthiness. Only 4.4% of 4.7 million companies in Germany achieved this outstanding result.

Depot management right on your PC – 24/7 online.
AUVESTA’s modern services include a portal on which you can sell your precious metals 24/7. It’s a direct, uncomplicated system that allows you to instantly exchange your precious metals for money.

Unlimited flexibility. No purchase obligations, No fixed Duration.
The decision as to how much precious metal you will buy for how long and how often you make purchases is entirely yours.

Delivery or storage.            Tax free storage – your private reserve in Switzerland.
Auvesta uses LBMA certified security houses in Switzerland, Germany, London, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai and future markets that they enter. You will be able to move you precious metals between these depots as you prefer. This is a very nice alternative compared to storing your assets in your own safe. Your precious metals are well protected and quickly available whenever you need them. Example of Depots is the Swiss company Zürcher Frei Lager AG, Competence, security and discretion since 1924 The precious metals are 100% insured. Deliveries starting at 1 gram of Gold / 50 gram Silver without formatting costs

LBMA certified refineries, the gold is produced in world class refineries like, and – graduated 999.95 bullion investment grade. LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association,

Regular audits and inspections are made via independent auditing firms, they control that the inventory of stored metals is correct. One of the used auditing firms is Müller Rechtsanwalts Gesellschaft mbH,

All security aspects are covered All precious metals are stored separately from the assets of AUVESTA Edelmetalle AG. The inventory is constantly monitored by an independent controller and insured at the recovery value.

The Compensation Plan


  1. Team Building Commission (TBC)

Every partner will receive commission from direct sponsored but also from all five levels if the Setup Fee is paid. Commission is the same on all 5 levels. Team Building Commission is a reward for helping other people to prosper in the business

Contract Set up Fee Total Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Core 5,000€ 100%
50% 200€ 10%


  1. Installment commission (IC)Core = 10,00% for 5 levels
Tariff Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Core 0,50%,   25€ 1,00%,   50€ 1,50%,   75€ 3,00%,   150€ 4,00%,   200€

* The EUR shows how much you earn when a 5000€ Core contract is fully paid. If you have 100 people on your 5th level you receive 20.000€ commission.


Name Qualification Bonus €
BB1 10 QP in 3 levels 100€ precious metals
BB2 40 QP in 4 levels 300€ precious metals
BB3 100 QP in 5 levels 600€ precious metals
  • Building Bonus (BB1, BB2 and BB3)
    Be rewarded with €100 to a total of €1,000 worth of gold. You get these extra bonuses when you a reach a certain number of Qualified Partners (QP) in your organisation.
Reinvested Commission Amount Reinvested Investment Bonus Investment Bonus
1st 25% €100 1.0% €1.0
2nd 25% €100 1.5% €1.5
3rd 25% €100 2.0% €2.0
4th 25% €100 2.5% €2.5
100% €400 TOTAL BONUS €7.0
  1. Investment Bonus (IB) – Save more and gain more!
    You can decide to get more gold by reinvesting more of your commission. The first 25% reinvested gives you a bonus of 1.0% more gold, if you increase your savings from 25% to 50% then you get 1,5% more gold for the 2nd 25% invested, with 75% reinvested you get *2,0% for the 3rd 25% invested and if you reinvest all your commission you get 2.5% extra for the 4th 25% invested. Every purchase increases your gold treasure and also generates money to the organisation. Example: If your commission is €400 and 100% is reinvested you will get an Investment Bonus of €7.0 worth of gold (average bonus is then 1.75%).
  2. Pin Level Recognition
    To receive recognition for performance and leadership is important, therefore we will have a program for honoring business partners that have managed to build a large organization of qualified partners. (A business partner becomes a qualified partner (QP) when the setup fee is fully paid).
  • 1g-Silver Coin Pin = 10 QP (Qualified Partners)
  • 2g-Silver Coin Pin = 40 QP
  • 3g-Silver Coin Pin =100 QP
  • 1g-Palladium Coin Pin =250 QP
  • 2g-Palladium Coin Pin =500 QP
  • 3g-Palladium Coin Pin =1,000 QP


  • 1g-Gold Coin Pin = 2,500 QP
  • 2g-Gold Coin Pin = 5,000 QP
  • 3g-Gold Coin Pin = 10,000 QP
  • 1g-Platinum Coin Pin = 25,000 QP
  • 2g-Platinum Coin Pin = 50,000 QP
  • 3g-Platinum Coin Pin = 100,000 QP

Possibilities with Core

It‘s truly „A Million Dollar opportunity“. If you sign 3 people on your first level and then average 3 in your total organisation, there will be 9 on level 2, 27 on the 3rd level, 81 on the 4th level and 243 on the 5th level, or a total of 363 people in your organisation.

The Team Building Bonus of Core will generate (363 x 40 = 14.520 EUR.

A large cash flow is generated as minimum 25% of the income is reinvested in precious metals and commissions are paid on all purchases on your five levels.

After 12th month with the growth of one level per month you will potentially have a monthly income of about € 25,000, which will continue to increase for each month. After two years, your monthly income will by far exceed a million dollar business!

So now imagine if you, when ready, start up additional leaders under your leaders and teach them to do the same, and also teach your team to save more than 25% of income into gold!

AuPartners International Ltd