Auvesta Gold plan

Everyone should be able to own a Gold stock in the safe or in your home if you like.auvesta edelmetalle ag logo

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Auvesta offers access to physical Gold and secure storage starting at €25 per month, with flexible options to the amount you prefer to store at the safe with Brink’s at any location in the world.

If you like you can send it direct to your home.

  • The Setup cost for your personal account are €400, calculate what and how fast you earn!.
  • €200 is for the network of affiliate’s in 5 Levels of 10% .  
  • €50 is for the 2 websites and personal backoffice lifetime payed.
  • €30 is for the 3 owners of the network.
  • €120 is for the education to become a certificated GOLD adviser +  bonuses, setup of the Brink’s protected storage in the safe.
  • If you do this correct you will earn FREE GOLD every week, and be a GOLDEN Millionaire this year. Look at the Calculator.

GOLD is money the rest is credit

  • If you buy a Ford in 1910 T1 it cost 1354 gram Gold )$900,00′, today you still get a Ford for 1354 gram ($48.160,67) of Gold. 
  • To purchase of Gold is a stable alternative to what the financial markets have to offer today while providing a perfect and secure supplement for everyone’s portfolio. In case the EURO or USD will disrepair, or drop down you need to have a backup in Gold, Silver, or Diamonds. Gold is the real money, nobody has control over your gold. You can not print Gold! But money is easy to print for the governments. Or the hinden rulers who hiding themselves behind the faces of others.
  • You need to have a backup plan. Gold is one of the options for a safe haven for you!
  • In modern day GOLD is still handled in ounce of gold (1 troy ounce) is referred as a 99.99% pure gold piece or gold grains (gold shot) = 31.103 gram. (Dived the Gold price with 31.103 to see what the price is of 1 gram Gold.)

Auvesta Edelmetalle AG  Auvesta is an international company sins 2007 with sales offices inGermany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe and USA.

The company is engaged in the trading and distribution of Precious Metals. “Our focus is to provide everyone with access to Precious Metals. “

An insured and safe procedure Your direct purchase is converted into pure Gold. Regular monthly purchases of Gold. Once your payment is received the purchase is immediately settled. Your payment will be converted into physical Gold immediately.

Installment Purchase for your Gold Purchase Plan   auvesta gold-timeInstallment purschases for your Gold Purchase Account Auvesta is the leading service provider offering their customers regular installment purchases and storage of their precious metals, with the purpose of accruing valuable precious metal holdings. Auvesta allows each customer to purchase physical Gold and Silver starting at $50.00 per month, with no contractual obligations for, purchases or deposits. If you desire to increase, reduce or stop payments to your account you are free to do so at any given time, Auvesta offers you a Buy-Back Guarantee which allows you to resell your precious metals during trading hours. In history, Gold has certainly proven to be the only commodity that has been secure and has retained its value over time.auvesta gold-key auvesta compas

Gold is the Solution Gold deposits are depleting and the demand is rising Gold is recession-proof Gold can never be worthless Gold may be exempt from sales tax depending on your state of resident Gold is a mobile asset Gold is protection against inflation Gold is not affected by government decisions The Gold Purchase Plan is suitable for many areas Liquid Reserve (free to purchase what, when and how much you want) Children (Education, College etc.) Spouse (Back-up for any Crisis) Future (Financial Independence) You determine the amount of the payments You can at any time change the amount of your payment, or suspend your payments, sell parts of your Gold or rearrange your Gold and/or Silver stock.

Volg het bord Auvesta Gold is Money Everything else is credit! van Douglas op Pinterest.