Aupartners Calculator compensation-plan

Turn your team efforts into Real GOLD

The online calculator will show you what you earn when you invest in real GOLD. 

  1. You can change the yellow fields into your amount of investment!
  2. You can also change the numbers of the team members to see what you can earn in the next years, every month, every week. 
  3. Or change the percentage of the reinvestment of your team earnings!

Start now direct!

   auvasta brinks Gols backup Gold 1003 Kg 24 nov 2015 auvasta brinks Gols backup Silver 11968 Kg 24 nov 2015 auvesta gold Set up cost €570 auvesta bank info order gold You can learn your new members to do the same, to find 2 members over and over ! You can have as many members as you like on every Level. 1 is fine or 10000 it is all to you. auvasta multy team

    1. Team Building Commission (TBC)

    Every partner will receive commission from direct sponsored but also from all five levels if the Setup Fee is paid. Commission is the same on all 5 levels. Team Building Commission is a reward for helping other people to prosper in the business

  1. Installment commission (IC)Core = 10,00% for 5 levels
  2. Building Bonus (BB1, BB2 and BB3) Be rewarded with €100 to a total of €1,000 worth of gold. You get these extra bonuses when you a reach a certain number of Qualified Partners (QP) in your organization.
  3. Re-Investment Bonus (IB) – Save more and gain more! You can decide to get more gold by reinvesting more of your commission. The first 25%reinvested gives you a bonus of 1.0% more gold, if you increase your savings from 25% to 50% then you get 1,5% more gold for the 2nd 25% invested, with 75% reinvested you get *2,0% for the 3rd 25% invested and if you reinvest all your commission you get 2.5% extra for the 4th 25% invested. Every purchase increases your gold treasure and also generates money to the organisation. Example: If your commission is €400 and 100% is reinvested you will get an Investment Bonus of €7.0 worth of gold (average bonus is then 1.75%).